John Stamos Posts Hilarious ‘Full House’ Throwback Of Scam Artist Cousin Stavros & The Aunt Becky Jokes Begin

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Twenty-five years ago, John Stamos played a con man. Now, his throwback Full House character has fans wondering if he rubbed off on Aunt Becky the wrong way.

John Stamos posted a throwback Instagram photo of himself dressed as Stavros Katsopolis, Uncle Jesse’s woman-crazed, Greek lookalike cousin. Stamos played the dual role in the 1994 Full House episode “Kissing Cousins” back in Season 7. In the memorable episode, Jesse’s creepy, con-artist cousin Stavros tried to pull a fast one on the family, and he also had the hots for Jesse’s wife, Becky (Lori Loughlin).

Now, with Loughlin herself in hot water over the shocking college admissions scandal in which she and her husband allegedly paid $500,000 in bribes to have their daughters, Isabella and Olivia Jade, admitted to USC as fake row crew team recruits, some fans joked that Stavros and Aunt Becky ended up unhappily-ever-after in the slammer.

After John Stamos posted two hilarious Stavros throwbacks, complete with greasy mustache and suspenders, fans flocked to the comments section to ask him an all-important question.

“Where’s Aunt Becky?”

“Aunt Becky wanted to join Stavros in jail,” another fan wrote, amid the recent news that longtime Full House star Lori Loughlin will not appear in the final season of the Netflix spinoff, Fuller House, later this year.

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Full House fans may recall that bad boy Stavros took young Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Michelle (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) out to the race track, where he conned Michelle into betting all of her tooth fairy money on a long shot. Stavros later swindled Joey (Dave Coulier) out of his watch and played broke as he made D.J. (Candace Cameron Bure) pay for his disgusting double feta cheese and goat pizza with lamb guts. His final scam, involving a fake mudslide in the Greek village of Polopolis, included a phony fundraiser at Jesse’s Smash Club in which Stavros planned to pocket the cash. The suspicious family later secretly recorded Stavros to uncover his scams.

In one of the most memorable scenes in the Full House episode, John Stamos’ Jesse tells Stavros that he trusted him.

“How could you do this to me? To my family? I trusted you, man. I looked up to you,” Jesse said.

After Stavros expressed jealousy over hearing about his cousin Jesse in America and his “wonderful job is, beautiful wife, perfect family,” John Stamos’ character reminded him that he worked for everything he had.

“All right, maybe I do have all that. But I didn’t get it by stealing — I worked for it. Maybe that’s something you should try.”

As with many Full House “lessons,” those words take on new meaning amid Lori Loughlin’s involvement in the college admissions scandal that now has her facing possible jail time.

You can see John Stamos and Lori Loughlin in the Full House “Kissing Cousins” episode below.