‘Playmate Of The Year’ Sara Underwood Goes Braless, Lifts Her Skirt In Sweltering Hot Desert Snapshot

Ethan MillerGetty Images

While Sara Jean Underwood may have attained some degree of fame during her tenure at Playboy, having been named Playmate of the Year for 2007, it seems that she has a certain longevity and persistent sex appeal that simply cannot be denied. Whether she’s shooting sexy snapshots at the beach, in the forest, within the jungle, or anywhere else along the way — Sara seems to have a timeless appeal that defies the passage of the years.

In a recent Instagram share, the blonde bombshell bares quite a significant amount of cleavage as she strikes a pose in the desert, the dry heat and arid landscape surrounding her adding a sense of novelty to the proceedings. Typical desert flora can be seen both in the foreground and the background of the photographic frame, although the eye is almost immediately drawn to Sara herself.

Opting to go braless for the picture, the former Playboy model’s busty assets are put on full display, her deep cleavage barely being contained by the soft white fabric of her stringed top. The slight knot tied at the juncture of her breasts valiantly attempts to keep them under control, just barely succeeding in the endeavor.

With her hands, Sara Underwood coquettishly plays with her skirt, lifting it to expose her toned thighs and slender, athletic legs.

Her signature platinum blonde tresses are styled short and are swept in short curls to either side of her face, framing it. Closing her eyes and coyly blowing a kiss to the camera, Sara Underwood puts her pretty pink pout out there, and it seems that her fans appreciated the effort. More than 160,000 users gave the desert-themed snapshot a like, and nearly 1,000 Instagram fans took the time to leave a note for Sara in the comments section.

One user wrote, “Sarah, you melt my heart!” while a second social media fan quipped, “You exhibit beauty no matter where you are at,” trailed by a trio of blazing flame emojis.

In the caption of the photo, Sara Underwood gave a shout out to her promotional partner — and red hot style label — Fashion Nova. Afterward, she related the news that after having spent some time in the rainforest as of late, a bit of dry desert heat was much appreciated. Sara has been traveling the world in the company of her boyfriend and principal photographer, Jacob Witzling, for quite some time now. Per designboom, the two lovebirds have been trekking about in a heavily modified 1979 Ford F-250 — one with a custom-built shed attached to the truck bed.

No matter where Sara finds herself, success is sure to follow. Her fans and followers love absolutely every update that she shares with them, and are anxiously awaiting a new image.