Mexico’s ‘Hottest Weather Girl Ever’ Yanet Garcia Shows Off Picture-Perfect Derriere, Boxing Moves

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Yanet Garcia has had a meteoric rise to fame, having been dubbed by TMZ as the “hottest weather girl ever” — as well as having been profiled by popular internet comedian Ozzy Man. With her world-famous figure and her sunny personality contributing a great deal to her success and continued longevity as a social media influencer, it’s little wonder that the Mexican beauty would keep things on a roll by posting provocative pictures and videos to her Instagram feed.

In this latest clip, Yanet can be seen in a number of poses as she promotes some health supplements from Tonder Army. A heavy percussive beat borrowing something from deep club music sets pulses pounding throughout the short clip as the audience is treated to several different scenes featuring the brunette beauty. Yanet is wearing a pair of skintight yoga pants in a gray hue initially, and the viewer sees her hunker down for a set of body weight exercises in short order. The athletic Instagram model then takes a few jabs while wearing boxing gloves, demonstrating her fierce technique.

Quickly cutting to a rather obvious shot centered entirely around the model’s world-famous backside, the camera lingers for a few moments before cutting away.

Finally, fans of the Mexican weather presenter are treated to a bevy of different strength exercises being demonstrated by Yanet herself, including battle ropes and rack squats.

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In the caption attached to the brief bit of footage, Yanet Garcia gives a shout out to her promotional partners and says little else — obviously preferring to let her iconic figure do the talking. It looks as if her legions of devotees didn’t particularly mind her brevity, showering her promotional clip with nearly 80,000 likes and almost 500 comments in relatively short order.

One user wrote, “@iamyanetgarcia..ur [sic] the one who inspires me to get out of my bed every morning and workout [sic],” followed by a single heart emoji and a lonely flame emoji. A second Instagram fan critically quipped, “It’s funny you try and look hard working out but really it’s all about the booty.”

Whether or not Yanet Garcia owes her high profile to her tenacity and work out regimen or to her sex appeal may not be clear. However, it seems likely that they are directly connected. As Sputnik News details, the Mexican bombshell has clearly worked very hard to achieve her signature silhouette and feminine curves. Fans of Yanet are certainly satiated on the regular by her seriously sweltering shares, and simply cannot wait to see what she will offer up next.