Chris Brown Reacts To Nick Cannon Flirting With Rihanna, Singer Feels ‘Disrespected’, Per HL

Chris Brown and Rihanna parted ways many years ago but that doesn’t mean he’s okay with his friends flirting with his ex-girlfriend. According to Hollywood Life, Chris Brown reportedly isn’t pleased with Nick Cannon’s recent comment about Rihanna.

The “Cheers” singer recently took to Instagram with a striking photo of herself wearing a gold dress that complimented her figure. Rihanna’s fans wasted no time reacting to her photo, noting how the dress hugged her curves. However, fans weren’t the only people commenting. Nick Cannon also decided to share his thoughts, making his sentiments quite clear. The famed rapper/actor didn’t even attempt to hide his admiration.

“I never wanted to be a dress before this moment in life! #QueenFlex,” Nick Cannon commented.

Apparently, the comment doesn’t sit well with Chris Brown. An insider close to the “Questions” singer has revealed his take on the situation. The insider claims Chris Brown feels “disrespected.”

“Chris feels disrespected by Nick flirting with Rihanna online. Chris is shook and does not want even want to think about his ex-girlfriend dating a player like Nick,” the insider said.

According to the insider, Chris Brown sees Nick Cannon’s comment as a “violation of the bro-code.” “He thought they were better friends than that, he’s annoyed Nick would try to slide into Rihanna’s comments like that. Nick crossed the line for sure,” the insider explained.

But despite Chris Brown’s alleged frustration, the insider insists the singer has evolved over the years and he likely let the ordeal go.

The insider continued, “Chris will probably let it go, he’s matured a lot. But still, Nick’s comments hit a nerve. It’s another reminder to Chris that he never got over Rihanna, cause when he saw the comment, it bothered him.”

The latest news follows a string of reports about Chris Brown, Rihanna, and Nick Cannon. Over the last year, Chris Brown and Rihanna have been living separate lives on opposite ends of the world. However, Chris Brown recently made headlines in connection with an alleged rape case.

The famed singer was arrested in France after being accused of raping a young woman. Due to Chris Brown’s previous highly publicized assault of Rihanna, fans expressed mixed reactions to the allegations.

While some speculated that he may have assaulted the young woman, other fans were skeptical because the assault was categorized as a sexual assault as opposed to a form of battery. But despite the allegations, Chris Brown has fiercely maintained his innocence.

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