Donald Trump Appears To Be Giving Fox News The Cold Shoulder After Hard-Hitting McCain Questions

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Donald Trump appears to be unhappy with Fox News after an interview with Maria Bartiromo that left the president blind-sided by hard-hitting questions about his feud with the late Senator John McCain. While speaking with reporters on the White House lawn, according to The Hill, Trump ignored Fox’s John Roberts and then glared at him as he walked away.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Trump appeared on Fox Business Network to discuss the United States economy, and while he was there, Fox anchor Maria Bartiromo asked Trump about his ongoing attacks on the Arizona politician. Trump defended himself by saying that he didn’t bring the topic up, but the media kept forcing him to address McCain. He then suggested that McCain had worked with the Democrats to turn over the Steele dossier to the FBI for “evil” purposes.

“If you realize, about three days ago it came out that his main person gave to the FBI the fake news dossier. It was a fake and a fraud, it was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. They gave it to John McCain, who gave it to the FBI for very evil purposes. That’s not good,” the president said.

Bartiromo pushed Trump, saying that he was attacking someone who couldn’t defend himself. Trump replied that he thought she was wasn’t supposed to ask about McCain — indicating that he had an agreement with Fox in advance — and then called Fox “fake news.”

“It’s not fake news, you just told me why you have an issue with him, it’s real news,” she replied.

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On Friday, shortly after the interview, it appeared that the president wasn’t happy with the news organization after the tense exchange. While speaking with reporters on the White House lawn, he ignored Fox’s John Roberts’ questions and then appeared to glare at him over his shoulder as he walked away.

ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl posted a video of the event on his Twitter account, which shows the president speaking and then tossing a withering look at who is presumed to be Roberts as he passes him.

Roberts replied with his own Twitter post saying that it had indeed been a “chilly” morning.

While speaking with Fox News co-anchor Jon Scott, Roberts confirmed that Trump didn’t seem to be fond of the news organization that day.

“[The] president not happy with us this morning either,” Roberts said. “He glared at me like I’ve never seen him glare at me before.”

Editor’s note: Fox reached out to Inquisitr with the following, from Maria Bartiromo.

“My thanks to President Trump for joining us and for the record, there were no conditions or stipulations agreed to ahead of that interview.”