Olivia Culpo Sips Coffee Naked On Her Balcony In Latest Instagram Snap

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Fresh from her eye-catching campaign for Amazon’s new skincare brand, Belei, Olivia Culpo treated herself to some pampering on Friday morning. After putting all that hard work into the bubbly Belei photo shoot – which saw the former Miss Universe hop into a bathtub with her model sister, Sophia Culpo, and throw around plastic bubbles, as previously reported by The Inquisitr – Olivia decided that she needed some time to herself to recharge her batteries.

As such, the gorgeous model and actress took Saturday morning off to relax. She started the day in a very bohemian fashion, by savoring her coffee on the balcony while naked. To her fans’ delight, the glorious moment was caught on camera, as Olivia posed for a racy snapshot – one that she later shared to her Instagram page.

In the sizzling morning snap, Olivia is seen soaking up the sun while out on the balcony of her New York apartment, one overlooking the famous Times Square. As she lounged on a white metal mesh chair, the American beauty enjoyed a cup of freshly brewed coffee, all the while looking radiant and as content as can be.

Posing in her birthday suit, Olivia censored her curves by wrapping herself in a furry blanket, one sporting a lovely brown ombre color that beautifully played up Olivia’s brown tresses. With a coffee cup in hand, the model closed her eyes to find her center and relish at the moment, sending vibes of tranquility all around.

Olivia was the image of serenity in her latest Instagram photo. Meanwhile, in a hilarious alignment of circumstance, a menacing T-rex loomed over her shoulder, snapping its jaws at the model from a giant red poster hung on a building in the background.

“What a view of two gorgeous creatures,” quipped one of Olivia’s Instagram followers, a dinosaur enthusiast by the looks of things.

Posing with her legs crossed on the futuristic-looking chair, the model rested one arm across her chest, highlighting her bountiful bust in the process. The pageant queen showed quite a generous amount of cleavage in her enticing morning get-up. Meanwhile, her posture offered an ample view of her endless pins, putting her bare thighs on display.

Olivia accentuated her natural beauty with just a hint of makeup, which included shimmering eyeshadow and a touch of pink lipstick. She let her chestnut-brown locks flow down her back in an unruly fashion and skipped on flashy, opulent jewelry in a bid to forgo any unnecessary artifice.

Her photo received a lot of attention from her Instagram followers, garnering more than 100,000 likes and over 560 comments within two hours of having been posted.

“You killed it!” wrote one of her fans.

“Wow! So magnificent! Absolutely fabulous! Love you baby!” penned another Instagram user, ending their message with a string of emojis that included the fire, double hearts, and love eyes varieties.

“This pic is f***ing LIFE!!!!! Wish I could like it 10x,” commented another enthused fan.