Tyron Woodley Calls Out Conor McGregor For A Fight

Although he has been plagued with legal drama recently, Conor McGregor announced this past weekend that he has been talking to the UFC about scheduling his return to fighting. McGregor is hoping to be back in the ring by July, 2019. According to McGregor, there are reasons for the delay, one of them being that he wants his "rightful shares" upon returning to the UFC.

Perhaps McGregor is trying to overlook the fact that he lost at UFC 229 to Khabib Nurmagomedov, and was arrested recently for destroying a fan's cell phone, according to MMA Fighting. When Tyron Woodley heard about how McGregor was negotiating his UFC return, Woodley had some advice for both McGregor and the UFC.

Woodley also recently suffered a devastating defeat, getting beaten by Kamaru Usman and losing the welterweight championship belt earlier this month. When a UFC fighter suffers a big loss, legal problems, or in the case of McGregor, both issues at the same time, Woodley feels that doesn't put the fighter in a position to try and call the shots. McGregor should focus on proving himself again before demanding things from the UFC. Woodley thinks that he and McGregor should fight since they are both coming off big defeats. If McGregor wins, then Woodley feels the Irish fighter can start making requests.

Woodley feels that a match between himself and McGregor makes a lot of sense for both fighters, and he thinks McGregor should take up his offer for a match for one good reason. Both Woodley and McGregor recently lost in their world title fight matches. They are also close to each other's weight range. Since both Woodley and McGregor will have some time to pass before they can try to win their belts back, he feels that they might as well fight each other in the meantime, according to TMZ.

McGregor has requested a few fights with other competitors since he started negotiating his comeback with the UFC. However, Woodley was never on that list of requests. Instead, McGregor asked to do battle with Cowboy Cerrone, Nate Diaz, and he also wants another go at Khabib Nurmagomedov. Woodley anticipates that none of McGregor's requested fights will happen quickly, so he should really consider the match with Woodley.

"I'm dead…[serious]. I didn't think about that until you just said it but I'm like, okay, he wants to fight Cerrone - never been a champion. He wants to fight Nate Diaz - never been a champion. He wants a rematch of Khabib immediately, so do I. I don't look like I'm getting an immediate rematch so it looks like we dangling around Conor. Come get this smoke," Woodley said, according to MMA Fighting.