Casey Anthony Reportedly Back To Her Partying Lifestyle, Believes She Did Her ‘Penance’ For Daughter’s Death

Red Huber-PoolGetty Images

Casey Anthony has reportedly returned to the partying lifestyle she lived before her daughter’s death and subsequent trial sent her into a decade of hiding, with a source saying that she notorious Florida mother believes she paid her “penance” for Caylee’s death.

The report from People magazine claimed that Casey has been going out more in West Palm Beach, Florida, including a number of trips to bars with her group of friends. The 33-year-old has been partying, dating around, and creating a new social life since avoiding the spotlight for years after the 2008 death of her daughter and the trial that followed, where she was ultimately acquitted for Caylee’s death.

Though Casey Anthony stayed low-key following that 2011 trial, a source told People that she no longer has the desire to stay in the shadows and knows that people will hate her no matter what.

“She’s fighting back,” says the source. “She used to avoid people, but now she calls them ‘psycho haters’ and is defiant about them. She says things like ‘ugh, they just need to get over me.'”

There have already been reports of Casey being spotted out on the town around West Palm Beach. Last week, pictures emerged of Casey and a group of friends dressed in green and knocking back drinks during a St. Patrick’s Day weekend outing. The Daily Mail published pictures of Anthony and her friends at O’Shea’s Irish Pub.

The outing was not a one-off event, a source told the outlet.

“Anthony, who has been spotted at several West Palm Beach bars in recent days, was seen getting friendly with several men at the bar,” the report noted.

Others in West Palm Beach have taken note of Casey’s emergence on the social scene, with pictures of Casey hanging out at bars being posted to Twitter.


There could be an even bigger comeback in the works for Anthony. As Radar Online reported, Casey shared plans on a private Twitter account for her own reality show where she gave viewers glimpse of her life and the actions she has taken to turn her life around.

“My reality show will be a huge success – I am more than positive it would be a hit,” she allegedly tweeted.

The report added that Casey Anthony even made a trip to New York City in what was believed to be a pitch for the show, but it is not clear if anything ever came of it.