Cardi B And Migos’s Security Off The Hook In Alleged Assault On Autograph Seeker

Emma McIntyre Getty Images

At last year’s Met Gala, a fan got a little too close to the pregnant Cardi B. The rapper and Migos’s security teams then stepped in and wound up beating down the autograph hound. According to TMZ, the New York Police Department decided they will not be filing charges against the rappers or their security teams, and the assault case investigation into the matter is now closed.

While there is video footage of the assault, and it’s obvious that the fan was outnumbered and injured, the fan and victim of the attack declined to speak with NYPD detectives about the altercation. Not only did the two security teams face potential charges, but Cardi and the Migos rappers were also being investigated. The rappers faced allegations that they had ordered their security teams to attack the fan.

The altercation between the victim and the security teams began when the fan was hounding Cardi B for an autograph. While Cardi B has since insisted she signs a lot of autographs for fans, she felt the fan was being far too pushy, and she was also pregnant at the time. Cardi B turned down the fan’s request. Apparently, this same autograph seeker had also hounded Paris Jackson in the past using a similar method of pestering. The fan even admits that he is an “autograph hound,” yelling out to the rappers in the video.

At that point, the fan gets pushed to the ground, and the attack starts. Three different security guards were seen on the video footage assaulting the fan. After that, the victim was brought in an ambulance to the hospital and treated for his injuries, according to the Daily Mail.


Back in May, a post that Cardi B deleted at some point appeared to touch on the altercation. Cardi B made it a point to let the world know she never minds giving autographs to fans, but this incident was a bit different than what she was used to experiencing.

“If you check my tag pics i take a lot of pics with fans. Some people are not fans & sometimes i don’t want no pics and i simply don’t want people too close cause of [pregnant woman emoji] i don’t know what are people’s intentions sooo i Be careful. Why can’t people respect that? [sic],” Cardi B said, according to Complex.

While the rappers and their security teams must have felt relieved to hear on Friday that no criminal charges would be filed against them, they still have a legal matter they’ll have to resolve. Currently, there is still a civil lawsuit pending over the same altercation. Daniel Szalkiewicz, the victim’s attorney, reportedly filed a civil suit last May against Offset and Cardi B for the face and body injuries his client experienced during the same incident.