Former NFL Star Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones Agrees To Go To Jail In Casino Cheating Case

Bart YoungGetty Images

At the end of February, Adam “Pacman” Jones, a 14-year NFL veteran who most recently played with the Denver Broncos, was arrested. Jones was in an Indiana casino when police arrested him for allegedly cheating while he was playing table games, according to TMZ. When Jones was confronted at the casino about his dishonesty, he got belligerent with the casino workers.

The 35-year-old former NFL star wound up with a laundry list of charges as a result. Some of the charges included felony battery, felony intimidation, battery against a police officer, and a bevy of misdemeanor charges. Jones is also accused of threatening to kill an Indiana Gaming Commission officer, and grabbing a public safety official. Jones’s altercation occurred at Ohio County’s Rising Star Casino.

Jones’s February arrest resembled an incident that happened a few years ago. Back in 2015, Jones was playing games at Indiana’s Hollywood Casino. He wound up being escorted out of the building because he got into an altercation with a casino employee. Security at the Hollywood Casino called the police because they could not get Jones to leave during the incident. The police were able to get Jones to depart from the casino, and no charges were filed.

As a result of Jones’s February arrest, he was offered a plea deal, which the former NFL star accepted. Jones will have to spend time in jail as a result of the plea deal. According to TMZ, court documents claim Jones will plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor resisting law enforcement, and one count of felony cheating at gambling. Prosecutors dropped the other charges that were filed against him.

As punishment for the altercation, Jones will spend 10 days in jail. He will also be on probation and not allowed to drink alcohol for an 18-month period. Also, Jones will not be able to own a firearm or any other weapon during his probation unless his probation officer approves. If Jones gets a job or moves anywhere, he also needs to report that information to his probation officer. Furthermore, his probation officer can visit him at home, too. Jones was banned from the Rising Star Casino because of the incident. However, the terms of the agreement may still be adjusted. The former NFL player will be back in court next month, when the agreement is due to be finalized by a judge.

As long as Jones behaves during his probation, he will have his felony conviction possibly demoted to a misdemeanor.