R. Kelly Pulls Plug On Joycelyn Savage Family Reunion

Nuccio DiNuzzo Getty Images

On March 6, TMZ announced that Jocelyn Savage, who has been called one of R. Kelly’s “sex slaves,” would be reuniting with her family. Savage’s parents have tried desperately to stay in contact with their daughter since her relationship with R. Kelly began. However, they haven’t had direct contact with their daughter nor seen her face-to-face for years. After R. Kelly’s ongoing legal troubles emerged, Kelly received a large amount of negative press coverage and wound up back in jail twice. So, Kelly’s team got involved with the Savage family issue and agreed to help Savage’s parents meet with their daughter again.

Gerald Griggs, the Savages’ attorney, confirmed that somebody from Kelly’s team agreed to set up a face-to-face meeting between Savage and her family. Griggs was able to come to a tentative arrangement with the member of Kelly’s team, and also said that if the meeting occurs, then Savage’s parents will bring a psychologist with them to assess their daughter, according to TMZ.

The day of Kelly’s arrest for not paying back child support, Savage’s parents did have a phone call with their daughter. That phone conversation created a bit more concern about Savage because she sounded like she was reading off a pre-written script while talking. Savage assured her family that she was very content with her current situation and that she wants to stay where she is living.

However, over two weeks have passed since Savage’s parents got the initial family meeting phone call, and they still have not seen their daughter. For some reason, Kelly’s team claims that the two sides haven’t been able to agree on where they want to meet, and that has caused a delay.

Darrell Johnson, a representative for Kelly, spoke out publicly to clarify the situation. Savage is not against meeting with her parents, but she wants the encounter to happen somewhere in Chicago. On the other hand, Savage’s parents want their daughter to meet them at her grandmother’s home, outside of Chicago, because her grandmother is struggling with cancer. So far, neither side has agreed to compromise on the meeting place, so the arrangements have not been made, according to TMZ

Kelly’s team released the original phone call with Griggs when a member of Kelly’s team offered to arrange the meeting, and it does sound like the two sides might have trouble agreeing on where to meet. After that, Kelly’s team opted to stop the meeting’s progress completely. They will no longer help with the arrangements and it’s unclear why they came to this decision.