Demi Lovato’s Friends Beg Her To Take A Break From Dating

Timothy HiattGetty Images for iHeartMedia

Demi Lovato’s friends want her to take a break from dating following the end of a troubled relationship with Henry Levy, according to Radar Online.

Lovato’s loved ones think a year-long break from the dating scene is needed to prevent a relapse and ensure a successful recovery for the singer.

A source close to Lovato claimed she was broken-hearted post breakup, and friends are encouraging her to practice self-love and take out time for herself.

Unfortunately, the source said Lovato enjoys being in relationships and has difficulty being single.

“Everyone’s biggest fear is seeing Demi go off the rails again but there’s a real chance that could happen if she goes through another bad break-up.

“She’s devastated about what happened with Henri but the hope is that this will encourage her to take a step back from men altogether.”

After a life-threatening drug overdose in July of 2018, Lovato checked into a facility for a three-month stay and met Levy while there.

The pair were inseparable after her release, but friends reportedly felt Levy was a bad influence and could initiate another relapse. Their fears worsened after family and friends experienced increased difficulty communicating with Lovato, and gradually lost contact with her.

“Demi has cut off contact with all of the people that love her and care about her and she is spending every single second with Henri,” an insider said.

Afraid of losing her, Lovato’s loved ones, especially mother Dianna Hart, decided to take action. Sources reported that they made a concerted effort to push Levy out of the performer’s life to prevent her from ending up back in a difficult place.


Another insider explained that the pop star’s friends and family were initially not very happy to find her dating so quickly outside of rehab, with a source confirming that they were “absolutely 100% responsible” for removing Lovato out from under Levy’s influence.

Lovato has apparently rejoined with her sober friends and is understanding the importance of being sober at this point and time in her life.

She has evidently devoted herself to sobriety, and her mother is currently overjoyed to see her happy and living clean. Hart was obviously happy “that Demi had the courage to walk away from that mess.”

“Demi eventually realized that Henri did not have her best interests at heart and she finally saw what everyone else saw,” a source told the website.

Lovato’s friends clearly hope that her commitment to getting well becomes permanent in the long run.