Cardi B Sues Bloggers Over Drugs, Prostitution, And Herpes Claims

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Cardi B decided to pursue legal action against two bloggers alleging that the rapper has done some scandalous things. For instance, one of the bloggers accused Cardi B of prostitution, and also stated she has herpes. However, Cardi B has since stated that both bloggers’ allegations are false, and they are committing a reprehensible act by lying and trying to destroy her reputation. Cardi B also says she asked the bloggers to simply take down the videos, but the two women snubber her. So, Cardi B felt her only other choice was to sue both bloggers.

The first blogger Cardi B filed a lawsuit against goes by the name of Latasha K, whose blog, unWinewithTashak, includes several video posts. There are 23 videos that Latasha K has blogged over the past year that have angered Cardi B with their appalling accusations. One of the videos listed in the lawsuit was posted by Latasha K in April of 2018, saying Cardi B’s then-unborn baby, Kulture, might experience intellectual disabilities, according to Pop Crush. Latasha K implied that Cardi was doing drugs while pregnant, a claim the rapper adamantly denies.

Cardi B also filed a lawsuit against a second blogger, Starmarie Ebony Jones. In September, 2018, Jones posted a video alleging that Cardi was an active cocaine and molly user. Jones also claimed Cardi B has herpes and a side job as a prostitute.

“Just a Grammy nominated prostitute running around spreading her herpes,” Jones titled her blog, according to Hot New Hip Hop

At one point, the two bloggers even collaborated on a video that included more shocking claims about the 26-year-old Grammy Award-winning rapper. The two bloggers alleged that Cardi B had several sexually transmitted diseases beyond the herpes they originally claimed she has, and once again stated that she is a hooker.

Cardi B’s response to the shocking accusations thrown at her by the two bloggers was to sue both of them, and then to respond to their allegations in the lawsuit by defending her reputation. According to TMZ, Cardi B, in the lawsuit, claims she has never used molly, cocaine, or been a prostitute. She also says she has never had herpes.

Also, if the bloggers had wanted to avoid court, it sounds like Cardi B gave them an opportunity to compromise with her before she pursued legal action, according to TMZ. Cardi B also states in the lawsuit that she asked the two bloggers to retract their claims about her before she filed against them, but they rejected the offer.

The famous rapper decided that a lawsuit was her only other alternative, and now she is suing the two bloggers for defamation. Cardi B wants to obtain an injunction that forces the bloggers to remove the outrageous videos they posted about her.