Where To Read The Mueller Report: How To Find The Full Report On Russia Interference, Potential Collusion

Brendan HoffmanGetty Images

The Mueller report has been handed in, and Americans looking to read the final report of Russian interference in the 2016 election will likely have to wait before they can read it in full.

On Friday, several sources reported that the House Judiciary Committee was expected to be told that the Mueller report was delivered to Attorney General William Barr. CBS News reported that it was not yet clear if Mueller’s team would turn in a full report on its findings, as it was only tasked with turning in a summary and outlining who would or would not be indicted. So those hoping to read the Mueller report in full will have to wait until a decision is made whether to make it — or a portion or summary of the report — available to the public.

But as The Washington Post noted, Mueller has already made public what will likely constitute much of the final report. Hundreds of pages of findings have already been included in indictments already filed against members of Trump’s team and the Russian nationals charged with interfering in the election by spreading propaganda and misinformation online. Mueller’s reports have outlined exactly how Russian troll farms operated to spread misinformation, how Trump officials met with representatives Russia, and even how members of the Trump team lied to federal investigators about these contacts.

There is a high likelihood that Americans will eventually see the report. A number of Democrats have already called for the full Mueller report to be released, and the House has already passed a measure by a 420-0 vote calling on Barr to make the findings public.

The political action committee The Democratic Coalition has also called for the entire Russia report to be made public.

“Before the report is submitted, Congress should move quickly to pass the bipartisan Grassley-Blumenthal bill that requires the full findings be made public,” an online petition prompted by the group read.

“And we need to build grassroots support to pressure Senate Republicans to pass the Special Counsel Transparency Act to guarantee that Trump cannot interfere with or sabotage the Mueller report.”


There will be no way to read the Russia report immediately, though Democratic leaders have vowed to make it available to the public, and there are already a number of ways to read it once it has been made public. Because the report would be in the public domain, some publishing outfits have already advertised selling copies of it on Amazon.