Lou Dobbs Defends Trump’s Comments Against John McCain, Says It’s ‘Not An Exhumation Of His Body’

Alex WongGetty Images

On Thursday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs again offered his take on President Donald Trump’s recent series of attacks against John McCain, explaining why he will continue to defend the president, despite the negative nature of many of his comments about the late senator. This came one day after he called out Republican lawmakers who he felt were undermining Trump by criticizing him for his feud against McCain.

As explained by The Hill, Dobbs’ latest remarks on the Trump vs. McCain issue were made in an interview with Michael Goodwin of The New York Post and Republican strategist Ed Rollins, as he cited reports that had pointed out how he appeared to be “defending” the president through his comments on Wednesday. Dobbs admitted that he was indeed defending Trump, and said that he will keep on doing so because the president was “speaking out about what he sees as [a] betrayal” on McCain’s part when the senator voted against the “skinny repeal” of Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

In response to Dobbs’ latest defense of Trump, Goodwin said that he criticized the president not because he disagrees with his statements, but rather because he doesn’t feel comfortable with someone “[speaking] ill of the dead” and would want for Trump to move forward and stop criticizing McCain. Dobbs, however, responded by saying that the president was simply commenting on the late senator’s political record.

“It is not an exhumation of his body, for God’s sake! It is a review of his record as a politician. Not as a war hero 35 years ago, 40 years ago. It is an honest assessment of who he was and what he did. And what he did is as clear as a bell.”

As reported on Wednesday by Mediaite, Dobbs accused Republicans of “undercutting” Donald Trump for the “nasty” remarks he made about John McCain over the past several days. The Fox Business host maintained that Trump had a reason for making those remarks, and also criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for a tweet where he said that he “misses” McCain and considers it a “blessing” to have served alongside him in the Senate.

“There’s a history between those two men. And the people who are attacking — including Mitch McConnell — attacking the president for his views on John McCain is asinine.”

Meanwhile, The Inquisitr reported earlier on Friday that Trump recently sat down for an interview with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo, where he accused McCain of handing over the Steele dossier to the FBI for “very evil purposes” and again referenced how the senator “voted against repeal and replace” when it came to the Affordable Care Act. The president also alleged that the media forced him to renew his feud with McCain, as he explained that he wouldn’t have brought up the matter had he not been asked about it.