Viral Video Shows Man Kicking Elderly Woman On Bronx Subway As Bystanders Film And Do Nothing To Help

Spencer PlattGetty Images

A viral video from the New York City subway shows a man brutally attacking an elderly woman, repeatedly kicking her in the face as bystanders watched and filmed but did nothing to stop the attack.

Video of the attack was posted to Twitter and quickly gained national attention. It showed a man assaulting a 78-year-old woman as she sat on the No. 2 train in the Bronx, the New York Post reported. Witnesses said the train was stopped at Nereid Avenue when the man began yelling something at the woman, who sat alone on the train.

The footage shows the man launching into an apparently unprompted attack against the woman, delivering a series of hard kicks to her head. The woman did nothing to fight back and appeared unable to fight back, so she sat alone. Some believed that the woman may have been homeless. It is unclear if the attack was a hate crime, as there was no apparent motivation for the man’s attack.

The man appeared to brag about the attack afterward, turning to the camera and shouting, “WorldStar that, my ni**a.”

He was making reference to a social media video-sharing site famous for hosting fight videos where participants often make reference to the name of the site.

It was not clear what prompted the attack, but other passengers on the train appeared to do nothing to stop the man or to help the woman afterward, as she held her hand to her head. The woman was treated afterward for bleeding and bruises, the New York Post reported, but did not want further medical attention.

Many who shared the video chided the other passengers for doing nothing to come to the aid of the helpless woman. Someone appeared to confront the man as he exited the train after the attack.

While no one stopped the attack itself, the video was able to capture very clear images of the man’s face and clothing, which some hoped would be helpful in identifying him after the attack. Many news outlets in New York City have also shared video in the hopes that the man might be identified.

An MTA employee told the New York Post that the agency is investigating the video and trying to identify the perpetrator. The NYPD is also asking for help, sharing a tweet asking anyone with further information about the attack or the identity of the perpetrator to come forward.