Kate Middleton Reportedly Takes Casual Stroll Out Of Palace Gates & Through The Streets Of London

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Though Kate Middleton’s life is full of public appearances and royal regalia, she’s also a mom-of-three who likes to take her kids to the park — and so that’s exactly what she did. Fans of the royal family got quite the shock when the duchess casually strolled out of the gates of Kensington Palace and through the streets of London to a nearby garden space, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

The Duchess of Cambridge took the laid-back romp with two of her kids, Prince George, who was riding his bike, and Princess Charlotte, who was being pushed by her mom in a stroller. They jaunted over to the nearby Kensington Gardens, which is open to the public, for some fresh air.

Those who witnessed the event were obviously shocked that they bumped into the duchess. Most of them had just stopped by the palace to take pictures and to likely wonder what exactly was going on in the lives of the royal family members that reside inside. Undoubtedly, they didn’t quite anticipate seeing one of them acting like a regular person on a spring afternoon.

“In London for 8 hours, walking through Kensington Gardens and who walks past me?! Only Kate Middleton pushing Charlotte in her pushchair with George on his little push-bike,” one witness shared, as Cosmo revealed.

“So awkwardly walking up to Kensington Palace not knowing if we should be here, we walk past Kate Middleton,” added another.

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Other witnesses shared that Middleton was happy to see the other folks on the street, offering smiles as she passed by and that she was in a great mood for the outing.

This latest sighting isn’t the first time Middleton shocked the public by doing something that fans of the royal family may consider less than regal. Back in December, passersby caught a rare moment of Middleton driving herself on to the grounds of Buckingham Palace for a visit with Queen Elizabeth, as People Magazine shared.

In the video caught by a fan of the royal family, Middleton waved at the crowd gathered outside the palace, and witnesses noticed that she was, in fact, being tailed by her security team. She wore her hair in her signature, bouncy blowout and rocked a long-sleeved cream top for the drop-in.

Middleton’s in-laws have also been known to get behind the wheel themselves. The queen frequently takes herself on drives around the property, and Prince William drove his wife home from the hospital after the birth of their children. In the case of Prince George’s birth, the little family jumped in a black SUV and the proud, new dad smiled for the cameras as he safely escorted his wife and baby home.