Chelsea Houska Says She Is ‘Bored’ With Her ‘Teen Mom 2’ Storyline

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Teen Mom 2 is currently airing new episodes from Season 9, but already some cast members are “bored” with their storylines. Chelsea Houska has been dealing with the same storyline all season and when some fans mentioned that they were bored with the storyline, she revealed that she is too!

According to a report from OK! Magazine, Chelsea responded saying, “Trust me, I’m bored with it too. They take every single mention of him over an 8 month period and then combine it to show it every week.”

On the new season of Teen Mom 2, fans have watched Chelsea deal with her ex Adam Lind and his lack of involvement in his daughter’s life. On one episode, Chelsea took her daughter to a visitation center to see her father, who has supervised visits. However, he did not show up for the visit. Not only that, but she has also had to deal with her ex violating the custody order.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, while Chelsea’s daughter was visiting with her grandparents, Adam Lind showed up. Per a court order, Adam is not allowed to be around his daughter while she is visiting his parents. When he showed up, the grandparents alerted Chelsea and her husband Cole went to pick her up.


Although they were able to remove her from the situation, Chelsea was still not happy about what had happened. Over the past few weeks, Chelsea and Cole have been talking about the possibility of Cole adopting Chelsea’s daughter, something that he is open to doing. However, they both agreed that they don’t want to “force” her, but rather want it to be her decision.

While Chelsea’s storyline has dealt a lot with Adam Lind, there have also been some other, less dramatic, storylines. At the beginning of the season, Chelsea and her family moved into a new home. She gave the camera crews a tour around the house and showed off the quiet outside.

She also gave birth to her daughter, Layne, this season. When the season started, Chelsea was heavily pregnant and fans watched as she and Cole welcomed their baby daughter into their family. Chelsea gave birth to Layne on August 29, which also happens to be Chelsea’s birthday. Along with Layne and Chelsea’s oldest daughter, the couple also have a son together.

New episodes of Teen Mom 2 air Monday nights on MTV. Fans can catch up with Chelsea and her family then.