Thursday’s Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Mac Unleashes His Fury, Felicia Gives Ava A Warning

Michael YadaABC Press

Ava Jerome is still in a constant drunken state this week on General Hospital. She is out to punish herself for what she thinks is her role in Kiki’s death, despite all of the pep talks others have given her. Kristina is also in a dilemma that she has turned a blind eye to. It was a day of confrontations, false commitments, and unbearable grief.

Laura ran into a drunken Ava on the docks and tried talking her into taking her home. She is genuinely concerned about her. Actually, she may be the only one who truly is, besides Julian. Laura told her that she didn’t deserve what Ryan did to her. Also, Griffin Munro has finally reappeared and he is still in a state of grief as well. Laura even tried convincing him to go talk to Ava as she needs someone in her corner. He wanted nothing to do with that. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps teases that he will find an outlet for his anger on Friday’s episode.

The previews revealed someone taking Kevin Collins by surprise by punching him out. Griffin had overheard Laura at GH telling Anna about Kevin’s role in Kiki’s death by keeping Ryan locked up at Ferncliff without anyone knowing. Griffin then took off to find Kevin.

Meanwhile, Kevin was at The Floating Rib, trying to make amends with Mac and Felicia. He first had to prove that he wasn’t Ryan and then Mac laid into him. He told Kevin about how Felicia keeps a baseball bat nearby and how he had to change all the locks on the windows and doors. Felicia has also been having nightmares where she is fighting back in her sleep. He told Kevin that he chose Ryan over all of them, including Laura.

While that was going on, Felicia was having a chat with Ava. She told her the story 25 years ago when she was Ryan’s obsession. She admitted that if it weren’t for Ryan turning his affections to Ava, he probably would have killed her. Felicia warned Ava that no one is sure that Ryan actually died in that fall off the bridge. If he was at all alive, he will come back after her.

Alex got her sight back, thanks to Finn. She then began taunting him about his future with Anna Devane. She told him that she knows her sister and that he is never going to be enough for her. Alex called Valentin to strike up a deal, but he snubbed her. As she was being dragged away in handcuffs, she had one last thing to say to Anna. Alex told her to tell Robert that she missed seeing him one last time.

Molly called a meeting with Sam and Alexis to talk about Kristina’s involvement in Dawn of Day. She is concerned that her sister isn’t thinking for herself any longer. The General Hospital line of the day belonged to Molly as she said, “How long before she wears a big white bonnet calling herself a handmaid?”

Sam advised Molly not to push her. However, she did push her too far and Kristina told Alexis and Molly they are no longer allowed in her life. Sam took off to meet with Shiloh, saying that she wanted to join Dawn of Day. He told her that she needs to give up control in order to commit to the group. Kristina told Sam that she was glad to have her in her corner. Unfortunately, Kristina is about to give her “trust offering” not about herself, but someone close to her.


Willow is about to leave Port Charles, but first, she was confronted by Valentin and Nina in her classroom wanting to chat about Charlotte. Willow told them she was leaving her job. After Nina insinuated that she was abandoning her students, Willow unleashed her fury and told Nina that Charlotte’s issues are all because of her.

She told her, “With you as a stepmother, clearly that little girl doesn’t stand a chance.”

Valentin had to intervene and drag Nina away after that. Willow got another visitor as she was getting ready to take off. She was startled to find Shiloh standing in the doorway.

Coming up on Friday’s General Hospital, Dante surprises Lulu, Brad and Julian conspire, and Willow issues a warning to Shiloh.