Robert Kraft Prosecutors Refused To Join Effort To Block Spa Video Release

Although the investigation is still open, the prosecution declined to keep case evidence private.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft celebrates on Cambridge street during the New England Patriots Victory Parade on February 05, 2019 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Maddie Meyer / Robert Kraft

Although the investigation is still open, the prosecution declined to keep case evidence private.

Robert Kraft is doing everything possible to ensure that his prostitution sting footage stays out of the public eye. Unfortunately for Kraft, prosecutors for the case don’t seem interested in helping Kraft with his request. Without the aid of the prosecution, there is no promise that Kraft’s video will only stay in the courtroom; instead, if it gets released, Kraft will probably be confronted with a bevy of critical comments from the media and public.

“[The motion asks to] preclude any party from copying or permitting, facilitating, making or granting any public access [to evidence in the investigation] including any video-evidence,” Kraft and the other suspects said in their request, according to NBC News.

According to TMZ, the State Attorney’s Office in Palm Beach County, Florida, declined to assist Kraft and 14 other men alleged to have solicited prostitution at the Orchids of Asia spa from keeping the footage away from the public. Kraft and the other suspects filed the motion on Wednesday in an attempt to keep all of the case’s humiliating evidence from being released.

However, without the support of the prosecution, it’s now far less likely that the judge will agree to not release the evidence. If the prosecution agreed, Kraft and the other suspects had far better odds that the judge would keep all evidence, including the video footage, private. Currently, the judge has not signed off on the request that Kraft and the other suspects submitted, and it is not clear if the judge will give the defendants what they want without the prosecution on board.

The fact that the prosecutors won’t agree to keep the evidence private has other implications; however, that makes their decision questionable overall. Since the issue with the Orchids of Asia spa is still considered an open investigation, any publicity surrounding the evidence may disconcert police. After all, the police are still looking into the matter, and have said they were very worried about the alleged victims. Keeping the video footage and other evidence away from the public during the trial would also help protect any potential victims in the case.

The video footage of Kraft demonstrates a visit that occurred on January 20 of this year. On that day, the surveillance captured Kraft paying cash at the front desk to an Asian woman. Afterwards, he was taken into a room for several minutes. Then, Kraft gets dressed with the help of the Asian woman, and she hugs him. Kraft allegedly gave the woman around $100 cash.