Jennifer Lopez Did Not Angrily Confront Alex Rodriguez About Jose Canseco’s Cheating Allegations

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Shortly after the Jennifer Lopez-Alex Rodriguez engagement news went public, former MLB player Jose Canseco dropped a bombshell accusation that threatened to tarnish the idyllic impression that many have of their relationship. Canseco claimed that his ex-wife, Jessica, had been sleeping with Rodriguez. Canseco delivered the allegations via a tweet, one that set the internet buzzing with cheating rumors.

“Watching World of Dance watching J.Lo text Alex Rodriguez little does she know that he is cheating on her with my ex-wife Jessica poor girl she has no idea who he really is,” he wrote, as reported by E! Online.

Jessica Canseco quickly denied the accusation, but that hasn’t stopped one tabloid — Life & Style — from claiming that Jennifer Lopez “angrily confronted” her fiance about the news of his alleged infidelity. The outlet went on to claim that Rodriguez refused to believe Rodriguez’s denials, and also claimed that Lopez has vowed to “get to the bottom” of the story before their wedding. But celebrity gossip watchdog Gossip Cop is on the case, and they report that this story from Life & Style is not true.

According to Gossip Cop, a source from Lopez’s camp told them that she paid no attention to Jose Canseco’s allegations — and thought they were “crazy.”

As their article notes, Canseco and Rodriguez have had a longstanding feud. In a subsequent tweet, the ex-slugger challenged Rodriguez to a boxing match or MMA fight. The New York Daily News reports that Canseco alleged that he connected Rodriguez to a steroids supplier, making the claim in his memoir, Vindicated. His claim got a huge credibility boost the next year, when news broke that Rodriguez had failed a blood test in 2003. He also said that Rodriguez was interested in his ex-wife ever since the 1990s. In her memoir, Jessica Canseco called her ex-husband an “a**hole,” and accused him of infidelity and domestic violence.

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Despite the rumors, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez seem to be very much in love.

“We’re really happy,” the actress/singer said in a joint interview with her fiance in People.

“We have [an] appreciation for where we are in our lives today, and that’s what we’re enjoying the most,” the former superstar baseball player added.

They also gushed about their mutual desire to help one another in reaching their full potential.

“We’re constantly supporting each other in our individual endeavors and thinking about all the things that we can build together,” Lopez continued — before Rodriguez chimed in with “We’re very grateful.”

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating since March of 2017, according to a timeline of their relationship published by Cosmopolitan.