March 21, 2019
The 'Florida Man' Social Trend Will Get You Through Your Thursday

If you're having a rough Thursday and counting down the minutes until Friday, the new "Florida Man" challenge might lighten up your day. People have been taking to social media to Google "Florida Man" along with their birthday to see what kind of "Florida Man" they are. As an added byproduct, these searches help us to remember all of the times "Florida Man" made us laugh, cry, and cringe in disgust. To join the fun, head to Google and type in "Florida Man" followed by your birth month and date -- and the headline is your new zodiac sign.

A few of the most infamous "Florida Man" stories of all time follow.

Wesley Scott

To ring in the new year about a week after its passing, Wesley Scott, 40, pulled three syringes from his rectum during a strip search in Pinellas County Jail. He claimed that the syringes weren't his, and that he didn't know why -- or how -- they got there, as The Inquisitr reported.

Bryan Stewart

The phrase "kill them with kindness" is definitely not meant to be taken literally, but it appears that 38-year-old Bryan Stewart wasn't aware of this. Stewart reportedly attacked his neighbor with a machete-style knife, one with the word "kindness" written on it. The incident was reported by his neighbor, who overheard Stewart threaten to kill someone with "kindness."

Hellmuth Kolb

Walmart is known for its wide selection, which is likely why 81-year-old Hellmuth Kolb tried to purchase an 8-year-old girl outside the store for $200,000. The girl's mother, Tracy Nigh, was offered the money. She immediately reported the incident to Walmart security.

Melvin Weaver

After lighting his house on fire and screaming about vampires, 64-year-old Melvin Weaver ran around his neighborhood with a large knife. He further threatened arriving officers that he would "let his dog out," per The Inquisitr. After the police left, they were called again when Weaver knocked on local doors and told people that his house was on fire -- with someone in it.

Robert Houston

Back in January, 33-year-old Robert Houston of Pasco County made news when he assaulted his father with a slice of pizza. As The Inquisitr reported, Houston was arrested and charged with domestic battery. He admitted to holding his father down and pushing the pizza in his face. Even stranger, he did this after learning that his father helped deliver him when he was born.

James Burrows

Not all Florida man stories are gross, violent, or strange — James Burrows of Spring Hill, Florida, created a massive LEGO roller coaster at his store, The Brick University, in March. Per The Inquisitr, his creation earned him the award of Longest LEGO Roller Coaster, according to the World Record Academy.