March 21, 2019
William Barr Gives 'Death Stare' When Asked If Robert Mueller Will Submit Report Today

Speculation about when Russia investigation special counsel Robert Mueller would submit his highly-anticipated report to new United States Attorney General Willam Barr — possibly as soon as today — heated up Thursday morning, as reporters staked out Mueller's office and snapped photographs of the 74-year-old investigator arriving at work. Throughout the entire course of the 22-month investigation, photos of this sort have not been seen until today.

One of those photos can be seen at the top of this page. Another was published on Twitter by Politico, which wrote that Mueller is expected to submit his report "any day now." The prospective "Mueller report" is believed to cover his findings on whether the 2016 Donald Trump campaign colluded with Russia in that country's efforts to interfere in the presidential election and hand it to Trump, as well as whether Trump attempted to obstruct the investigations into what really took place inside his 2016 campaign.

Mueller is required to submit his report to Barr, who will then decide if the report — in whole or in part — may be transmitted to Congress and subsequently made public. But according to ABC News investigative reporter Mike Levine, writing on his Twitter account, Barr was in no mood Thursday morning to field questions about when the report would be received by his office.

William Barr leaves for work.
Getty Images | Win McNamee
U.S. Attorney General William Barr departs his home on Thursday.

"Attorney General Bill Barr just walked past me inside the Justice Department. I asked him, 'Is today the day?'" Levine reported. "His response: a death stare... before walking off without saying a word."

While Politico and other outlets continue to report on the supposedly imminent completion of the Mueller report, other experts say that the report may have already been submitted.

"Why do we believe Barr hasn't already received a report? How would we know?" wrote former FBI agent Clint Watts on his Twitter feed. "At a minimum I imagine Barr has been briefed in detail."

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — who appointed Mueller in May of 2017 — was previously reported to be leaving his position there, which was taken as a sign that the Mueller investigation was drawing to a close. But as ABC News reported, Rosenstein this week announced that he would stay in his post after all — which Watts said was a "sign" that Mueller had already briefed Barr in detail about the contents of the report.

On March 9, as Inquisitr reported, one Washington journalist reported that sources had told him that Mueller has already submitted the report, but that Barr was holding up the report's release because it contained Mueller's recommendation to indict Trump himself.

But other signs seem to indicate that it may be some time before Mueller turns in the long-awaited report. As Inquisitr reported last week, newly released budget numbers show that the Mueller investigation is fully funded through the end of September.