‘General Hospital’ News: Matt Cohen’s Shocking Exit Date Confirmed, Griffin Says Goodbye To Port Charles

Michael YadaABC Press

There have been rumors swirling that Matt Cohen was exiting General Hospital, and they now appear to be true. But the most shocking part is that today, March 21, is the actor’s last day on screen as Dr. Griffin Munro. However, his reported departure has not been confirmed by either the ABC soap, or by the actor himself.

The confirmation comes from a site called Nerds and Beyond. They have said that they have received confirmation that March 21 would be Cohen’s last appearance on General Hospital. While it certainly isn’t a shock that he chose to leave his role, it is rather curious as to why fans haven’t been officially informed that the rumors are true — and that the actor would be gone this week.

It was previously reported by The Inquisitr that Griffin Munro would be reappearing this week. General Hospital spoilers revealed that Anna would be seeking him out, to have a chat with him. The previews that were shown on Wednesday confirmed that as well. Griffin is still not in a good state. He is still grieving the loss of Kiki Jerome. Fans have wondered where he has been lately, especially since her killer has been identified. Griffin was so adamant on finding out who did it, but then he totally disappeared.

The previews suggest that Anna will approach him, possibly about Ava. She has been drunk ever since she found out that she was sleeping with Kiki’s killer all along. Griffin insinuates that he wants nothing to do with her right now. He is not currently in a position to comfort her, or anyone else.

There is a strong hint in the General Hospital weekly preview clip that does suggest that today is Griffin’s last day in Port Charles. He is shown with his jacket on, and he gives a quick look back at the hospital before he walks out the door. That is a strong indication that Matt Cohen will not be seen after today. He was expected to eventually leave Port Charles to find his way through his grief, but not quite this quickly.

Cohen came to General Hospital in 2016 as a new neurosurgeon who was also a priest. Many things have happened since that time. He left the priesthood behind, and became involved with Ava Jerome. He later fell in love with her daughter. His presence has been scarce since Kiki was murdered.

Matt Cohen will be missed by many fans. Other outlets have said that he wants to move on to pursue other projects, but his General Hospital role may be left open — should he decide to return some time in the future.