‘Knightfall’: Here’s Everything You Need To Know Ahead Of The Season 2 Premiere

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It has been a while since Season 1 of History Channel’s Knightfall aired. In that time, there are some plot points viewers might have forgotten. So, here’s all the details you will need to remember ahead of the Season 2 premiere next Monday night.

Plot Points From Season 1

Season 1 of Knightfall was filled with plenty of intrigues. So, it’s possible that some points have slipped by the wayside. Here’s what you need to remember prior to the Season 2 premiere episode airing on Monday night.

  • Landry (Tom Cullen) is the main character in Knightfall. A Templar Knight, he was also having an affair with Queen Joan (Olivia Ross). Queen Joan was also married to Landry’s close associate, King Philip IV (Ed Stoppard).
  • Most of Season 1 sees Landry and Queen Joan’s affair remain a secret. However, King Philip eventually finds out and kills Joan rather than let her remain with Landry. Thus, a major grudge between Philip and Landry is born, setting one of the major plot outlines for Season 2 of Knightfall.
  • Queen Joan falls pregnant to Landry, which further complicates matters. However, as she lays dying, the baby — a girl — is cut from her belly and rescued by Landry. Season 2 of Knightfall will delve further into what will happen to this baby.
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  • After the events of Season 1, Landry has been stripped of his title within the Templar Knights. As Tom Cullen recently pointed out to WTKR, Season 2 of Knightfall will be Landry’s “redemption story.”
  • Now, about the holy grail. Some fans complained about the level of court intrigues in Season 1 of Knightfall. So, regarding the holy grail, the search continued from its loss at the Battle of Acre in Episode 1 right through to it saving the life of Queen Joan’s baby in the Season 1 finale. However, as Meaww points out, in a fit of rage, Landry threw — and broke — the cup in this episode. Within the smashed relic was discovered a list of names, on which Landry’s was one of them. It also bought about the suggestion that the broken cup was not the real holy grail. As a result of this, Season 2 of Knightfall will likely continue in its search for the one true cup of Christ.
Mark Hamill stars as Talus in Season 2 of history Channel's 'Knightfall'
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New Characters

Season 2 of Knightfall will see the introduction of some new characters. Most notably, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mark Hamill (Star Wars) will join the cast as Talus. Hamill’s character is a “battle-hardened Knight Templar veteran of the Crusades, who survived captivity for ten years in the Holy Land and is tasked with training the new initiates to the Order.” While Landry struggles to rejoin the Templar Knights, Talus is opposed and will aim to make Landry’s choices difficult for him thanks to his past transgressions.

In addition to Hamill’s casting, Tom Forbes is also joining the Season 2 line up for Knightfall. He will play the role of King Philip’s “violent and unpredictable son Prince Louis,” according to Digital Spy. Prince Louis was absent from Season 1 of Knightfall, for reasons not given. However, Episode 1 of Season 2 will explain his absence to viewers.

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Some Familiar Faces Have Changed

Most notably, Princess Isabella has been replaced by Genevieve Gaunt in Season 2 of Knightfall. Previously, she was played by Sabrina Bartlett. However, there are also some old faces that look different in Season 2.

Ed Stoppard, who plays King Philip, has grown a beard for Season 2 and it is hard to recognize him at first. Also, William De Nogaret, played by Julian Ovenden, has also gotten a new hairstyle in the upcoming season of Knightfall. However, he still continues to dabble in the court intrigues surrounding King Philip.

Season 2 of Knightfall premieres on History Channel at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Monday, March 25.