Post Malone Flew Viral ‘Wow’ Dancer Out For Concert And New Music Video

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Some of Post Malone’s finer qualities are his abilities to recognize talent, then giving that gifted person an opportunity to shine with a bit of promotional assistance. This month, one of Malone’s fans, Mike Alancourt, posted a video of himself dancing to a Malone song. The video was so popular, that it caught the eye of Malone himself. Malone loved seeing Alancourt’s dance moves so much that he got in contact with Alancourt and made him an offer.

Forty-three-year-old Alancourt filmed a dance routine to the Post Malone song “Wow.” Alancourt’s dance moves were choreographed by Jennifer Colvin, and the video was shot at 1 Vibe Dance Studio. The dance video features Alancourt performing a seriously impressive set of dance moves to Malone’s music. In fact, Alancourt’s dance ensemble combined with Malone’s beats became so popular that the video went viral shortly after it was posted on March 3. Since the video was put up on social media at the start of this month, it’s been watched over a million times, and its comments, shares, and likes are all impressively in the thousands, according to WFLA News.

As impressive as it was for Alancourt to star in a viral video that demonstrated his dance skills accompanied by Malone’s music, the acclaim did not end there for Alancourt’s skills. Alancourt’s video was vastly admired by many, and he eventually caught the eyes of several important celebrities. However, probably the most important celebrity to back Alancourt was Post Malone, who was impressed by Alancourt’s ability to dance so well to “Wow.”

At first, Malone honored Alancourt by re-posting his eye-catching dance routine on the rapper’s social media pages when the video initially became viral. However, the social media reposts were not the only favor that Malone had in mind for his fan. Malone had an even larger opportunity for the impressive dancer.

On Monday, Alancourt was a guest on The Ellen Show, where he performed his dance routine in front of Ellen DeGeneres’ audience. During his interview with Ellen, she shared a surprise with him. Ellen had a video from Malone and the rapper asked Alancourt to dance live at one of Malone’s performances.

“Hey Mike, it’s Postie. I love your moves… and I’d like to invite you out to my show in Arizona this Sunday,” the rapper said in the video, according to WFLA News.

Malone had a concert scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day in Phoenix, Arizona at the Pot of Gold Music Festival. According to TMZ, Malone paid for Alancourt to fly out to the show because Malone wanted to showcase his dancing skills for the performance.