YBN Almighty Jay Off The Hook In Felony Theft Case

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Back on February 18, 2018, the public learned that YBN Almighty Jay had gotten into some potential police trouble. That day, another rapper accused YBN Almighty Jay of stealing a few expensive items, including cash, a Rolex, and a chain, according to TMZ.

The rapper who blamed YBN Almighty Jay for the theft, Skinnyfromthe9, was shooting videos with YBN Almighty Jay in Chatsworth, California. The exchange between the two rappers seemed friendly as they both worked together, but then Skinnyfromthe9 claims that something happened to destroy the otherwise enjoyable collaboration. Skinnyfromthe9 alleges that YBN Almighty Jay and his associates stole several items once the last take was filmed, and then fled the scene. The police report associated with this incident named YBN Almighty Jay as a felony grand theft suspect.

Skinnyfromthe9 claimed that YBN Almighty Jay and his friends grabbed a chain worth $40,000, a Rolex valued at $20,000, and about $20,000 in cash, which were all owned by Skinnyfromthe9. There is surveillance video from the alleged theft. In the footage, Skinnyfromthe9 is sitting in his Range Rover while two men come up to him. There is an altercation, and then the two men flee from the scene. The stolen items were being utilized as props that day for the social media videos the rappers were filming, according to TMZ.

While YBN Almighty Jay was investigated as a felony theft suspect, the public learned that the rapper will not be facing any charges. The case was turned down by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office because the victim of the theft, Skinnyfromthe9, decided that he didn’t want to testify or press charges. Also, the District Attorney decided not to refer the incident to the City Attorney’s Office. So, that means that YBN Almighty Jay will not be facing any charges or potential jail time, according to TMZ.

After YBN Almighty Jay was named a felony theft suspect, the rapper approached the police and turned himself in. Throughout the entire ordeal, YBN Almighty Jay forcefully denied that he stole anything while working with Skinnyfromthe9. YBN Almighty Jay attempted to cooperate with police as much as possible when he learned about the accusations, but never admitted to any wrongdoing.

The news that YBN Almighty Jay won’t face any charges is the second piece of good news that the rapper has heard this week. During a brawl in New York City last week, YBN Almighty Jay had his chain stolen from him. J Prince and French Montana helped their friend recover his chain, according to TMZ. While YBN Almighty Jay is still recuperating after the fight, he had a much better week compared to the previous ones.