NFL Quarterback Chad Kelly Vacuum Video Shows Him Fleeing In Halloween Costume

Kelly manages to strike a plea deal for a lesser charge.

Chad Kelly #10 of the Mississippi Rebels celebrates after a game against the Memphis Tigers at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium on October 1, 2016.
Jonathan Bachman / Getty Images

Kelly manages to strike a plea deal for a lesser charge.

A recently released video shows Chad Kelly, former quarterback for the Denver Broncos, being pursued by a man holding a vacuum cleaner tube, according to TMZ. Kelly broke into the man’s Colorado home back on October 22, 2018, during linebacker Von Miller’s Halloween party. In the video, Kelly is dressed in a Halloween costume as Woody from Toy Story. Kelly was kicked out of Miller’s Halloween party, and following that incident, decided to enter a Colorado couple’s home.

In the surveillance video that was captured by the homeowners, Kelly appears so drunk that he is mumbling incoherently. When he can be understood, his speech is heavily slurred. The video shows 24-year-old Kelly inside of the victim’s home. Kelly sits on a couch inside of the house right beside a woman holding her baby. Kelly appears to be incoherent the entire time, and when the woman sees Kelly, she shouts out for help. After that, a man who was inside the house with the woman grabs a vacuum cleaner tube and wields it in self-defense as he chases Kelly outside of the home. The man struck Kelly with the vacuum cleaner tube while chasing the former Broncos quarterback out of the house.

After the altercation, Kelly fled from the house and the homeowner called the police. Cops searched around the neighborhood for Kelly, and finally discovered him in his car. Kelly was then taken into police custody.

A second video of Kelly in jail after the police took him into custody shows a very upset Kelly in his holding cell, according to TMZ. While in the holding cell, Kelly is praying and weeping dramatically. At the time, Kelly was arrested and later charged with felony criminal trespassing. Kelly was obviously very upset about the incident.

On March 20, Kelly was able to reach an agreement with prosecutors that lessened his charges. Kelly agreed to enter a guilty plea on the less serious charge of second-degree criminal trespassing, which is a misdemeanor charge. Prosecutors agreed that they would drop the felony trespassing charge. Kelly avoided further jail time, but was sentenced to a year of supervised probation, has to pay fines and fees, and also must do 50 hours of community service, according to the Denver Post.

After Kelly’s October arrest, the Denver Broncos released him, but still offered their support.

“Even though Chad’s no longer part of our team, we’ve offered to help him however we can and are supportive of him in every way possible,” Denver Bronco General Manager John Elway said, according to TMZ.

Kelly is the nephew of Jim Kelly, the legendary Bills player. Since being released by the Broncos, Kelly has posted videos of himself on Twitter performing football drills. Kelly is still unsigned and currently looking for another team.