A New 'Stranger Things' Game To Drop On The Same Day As Season 3 Premieres

With the new trailer for Season 3 of Netflix's Stranger Things being released, fans are hyped up about the new season arriving on July 4. Now, another announcement has been made that will get the Stranger Things Switch gamers excited.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the new trailer for Season 3 of Stranger Things has just dropped. A delicious fusion of 1980s pop culture with a wicked soundtrack, the clip is getting fans excited ahead of the Season 3 premiere date. But, for gamer fans of Stranger Things, July 4 will now likely be a conflict of interest with a new game also dropping on the same day.

So, now gamer fans will have to decide which to do first -- play or watch Stranger Things.

And, considering the new game contains potential spoilers for Season 3 of Stranger Things, the dilemma is considered a real threat to those that were planning to get stuck into the game first before heading to Netflix for the Season 3 premiere.

According to Engadget, the new game, which will be released on Switch, sees players choosing from one of 12 protagonists from the TV series as their main character in the game. They will then have to battle their way through events from the Stranger Things television series. This will include gameplay in the Starcourt Mall, which has been a stalwart feature in the lead up to the release of Season 3 of Stranger Things.

The new Stranger Things game will feature two-player co-op and is designed after the classic 16-bit arcade-style graphics seen in many games from the 1980s. So, for those fans who tune into Stranger Things for the nostalgic throwback to their childhood, this game will certainly please. This also makes the new game fit well with the original game based on Season 1, according to Nintendo Life.

As reported by Variety, this game was previously announced by the Duffer brothers, who are the creators of the television series. The Duffer brothers made the initial announcement back in December at The Game Awards. At the time, it was announced that the game would be available for Nintendo's Switch as well as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, and PC. However, as yet, the July 4 release date only covers the Nintendo Switch. So, fans on other platforms will have to stay tuned for the follow-up release dates on the varied platforms. However, it is believed that the game will be available across all platforms at some point this year.

The new Stranger Things game has been developed by BonusXP and in partnership with Netflix.

Season 3 of Stranger Things will be released globally on Netflix on July 4, 2019.