Jenny McCarthy Makes Shocking Revelations About Her Time On ‘The View’ In New Book

Amy SussmanGetty Images

Jenny McCarthy is spilling the tea on what it was like on the set of The View. The upcoming tell-all book Ladies Who Punch: The Explosive Inside Story of The View is about to hit shelves, and the women behind the show have been revealing what things are like behind the scenes.

McCarthy recently dropped some shocking details for the book on her time as the 11th host on the show, according to E! News. McCarthy appeared on the show from 2013-2014 for one season and during her time, she saw some things go down.

For starters, McCarthy says that there was an ongoing battle between Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg.

“The table reminds me a little bit of Survivor. There was a war between Barbara and Whoopi about Barbara wanting to moderate. This is one of the reasons I decided not to ally with Whoopi. It broke my heart when Barbara would shuffle to Whoopi and say, ‘Can I moderate please?’ And Whoopi would say no,” she says in the book.

Apparently, Goldberg was never afraid to cut someone off when she wanted to make her opinion known.

McCarthy says that Walters also took her to task for her anti-vaxxer stance. McCarthy released a book called Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism in which she argues that vaccinations may have caused her son’s autism. Walters, according to McCarthy, laid into her for seven minutes on the issue, challenging her stance on vaccinations.

The two faced off in a more calm environment while the show was airing, and a few years later when the two interacted again, Walters was friendly and welcoming.

McCarthy also says that Walters would critique her outfits on the show and make her change if they weren’t up to standard.

“Barbara would check out what I was wearing. If she didn’t agree with it, or it didn’t complement her outfit, I had to change,” she says.

She says that this fashion advice was only aimed at her and that at times she felt like a human Barbie.

McCarthy replaced Republican commentator Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and she says that she felt like the team behind the show wanted Hasselbeck back. She says she felt like she couldn’t be herself and that the producers were constantly trying to feed her opinions to pit her against her co-hosts. She says that of the 25 years she has been in the TV business, her year on The View was the most miserable experience of it all.