Ex-Senator Mike Gravel Roasts 2020 Democratic Candidates

Darren McCollester Getty Images

There’s a new must-follow Twitter account for those following the 2020 presidential race, and the man behind it is an 88-year-old man from Alaska who served in the U.S. Senate in the 1970s, ran for president in 2008, and is talking about running again in 2020.

Mike Gravel, who served two terms as a Democratic senator from Alaska between 1969 and 1981, launched the Twitter account Tuesday night with a tweet stating “#Gravel2020.”

“I am considering running in the 2020 Democratic primary,” the second tweet said. “The goal will not be to win, but to bring a critique of American imperialism to the Democratic debate stage. The website (http://mikegravel.org) is under construction. Official announcement will be in the coming days.”

In the next several tweets, Gravel took shots at various Democrats running for president, in some cases pointing to his own record in contrast to them.

Gravel accuses Sen. Kamala Harris of California of having “kept innocent men on death row,” former Vice President Joseph Biden of voting for the Iraq War, and Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey of voting “with Big Pharma.” Gravel also mocked Booker’s “Spartacus” speech during Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, posting a video of himself reading the Pentagon Papers into the record in 1971.

He went on to rip Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota for her anti-big tech stance.

“It’s hard to fight the big tech firms that abuse American workers when you also like to abuse American workers.”

Gravel doesn’t rip every candidate, however. He tweeted that the goal of a presidential run would be to “push great candidates like and toward more sensible views on political reform and foreign policy through the debates.”

In his 2008 run for president, Gravel participated in the debates against the likes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The ex-senator ended up quitting that race and switching his registration to the Libertarian Party, finishing fourth in the balloting at the Libertarian convention that year.

In the tweets, the potential candidate also touted his longtime support of LGBT causes, and said that while Harris and other candidates have prosecuted drug offenders, Gravel has “served as the CEO of two marijuana companies.” Those two companies are called Cannibas Sativa, Inc. and KUSH.

Gravel also implied that he wishes to arrest Henry Kissinger, Elliott Abrams, and Dick Cheney.

Gravel also said that he would be answering policy questions at the hashtag #YouAskGravelAnswers.

Born in 1930, Gravel is 10 years older than Sanders, Biden, and PresidentTrumpp. If elected president, Gravel would be more than 20 years older than Ronald Reagan was when he first took office in 1981.