Fans Are Freaking Out Over The ‘Stranger Things’ Trailer, Here’s Why

Ricardo CeppiGetty Images

On Tuesday evening, Netflix teased Stranger Things fans with a mysterious seven-second video featuring a cluster of rats followed by the official trailer on Wednesday morning with even more rats. Fans immediately went into a frenzy trying to figure out what the rodents may mean, according to The Sun. Social media is now filled with fan theories as eager viewers wait until this summer to see what is next for the Stranger Things kids in Season 3.

The teaser video on Netflix’s Twitter shows dozens of rats running into what looks to be some sort of abandoned warehouse with broken windows and no light. The small, gray animals are all running in the same direction, to a dark corner in the back of the room, but what are they running toward?

When fans began to inquire about the meaning of the rats, the official Netflix account simply tweeted a few rat emojis.

“It’s almost feeding time…” the caption read eerily with an upside-down smiling emoji.

One of the most popular fan theories suggested that the official trailer would be released on April 4, which is National Rat Day, according to Google. Netflix did release the full-length trailer just hours after the teaser video, so this theory seems to have been debunked. However, that is not to say there isn’t something bigger coming next month.

“OK so are we going to have the trailer oR SOMETHING at April 4th?? because rats, rat day,” one Twitter user said.

Another fan suggested that one of the kids in the series will get a pet rat, but that pet rat is not what it seems. Many others piggy-backed with similar thoughts.

“In season 2 we saw that there were other kinds of demogorgon – demidogs – so what if those rats are other upside down creatures? Like demorats?” someone asked on Twitter.

Other social media users looked back at the Season 3 episode titles, which Netflix released back in December. The eight-episode arc does include a few titles that may be rat-related, such as Episode 2, “The Mall Rats,” A.V. Club reported. It is already known that the new season will feature a Hawkins, Indiana, shopping mall in 1984, which is featured in the official trailer. Could the title simply refer to a common slang term for kids who hang out at the mall, or is there a double meaning?

The penultimate episode’s title, “The Bite,” has also come into question.

Season 3 of Stranger Things will follow Mike, Dustin, Eleven, Lucas, Will, and Max as they enter their teen years while simultaneously trying to fight off creatures from the Upside Down in the summer of 1984. The season is set to hit Netflix on July 4.