Alleged Mob Boss Frank Cali’s Burial Spot Reportedly Purchased By Gambino Crime Family With $45,000 Cash


Alleged mob boss Frank “Franky Boy” Cali’s burial spot was reportedly purchased by the Gambino crime family with $45,000 in cash, reported The New York Post. The alleged mobster’s final resting place was a plot in a cemetery in Staten Island, New York.

The New York Post alleges that they spoke to a gravedigger at Moravian Cemetary, who told the newspaper that Cali’s associates “came in with a suitcase on Saturday and paid my boss $45,000 in cash.”

“He’s up in the mausoleum, in the middle section,” the worker said of Cali’s resting place at the top of the hill. He also alleges that after the funeral was over, mourners found a reporter from ABC asking a question in the cemetery’s office. The worker alleges he heard an associate of Cali say to the reporter, “Get the f**k out of here before I blow your f**king head off.”

Cali, a reputed boss of the Gambino family, was fatally shot outside his home on Hilltop Terrace in Staten Island, noted The Times. His wife and child were at home at the time.

The cemetery is in the same neighborhood where Cali was gunned down, Todt Hill. The New York Times reported that the neighborhood, which has a low crime rate, allegedly hosts many alleged Mafia connections. The paper reported that Paul Castellano, who reportedly led the Gambino crime family until his murder in 1985, lived in the area. Castellano was assassinated outside a Manhattan steakhouse at the purported direction of John Gotti, who then took over the crime family.

Salvatore Gravano, known as Sammy the Bull, also once lived in the area, reported The New York Times.

Anthony Comello, the alleged killer of Frank Cali, was reported to be romantically interested in a relative of the now-deceased reported mobster. The murder of Cali allegedly occurred because the crime boss had told Comello to stay away from his family member.

Detectives allegedly have footage from the incident which was captured by a security camera outside of Cali’s home. Comello’s fingerprints were a match to those that were found on a license plate that was handed to Cali before the shooting. The exchange between the men prior to the shooting was nonviolent, with the two shaking hands prior to the incident, reported ABC News.

The suspect reportedly waived extradition to New York from New Jersey, where he is being held. He was arrested at his family’s summer home in Brick Township, reported ABC 7 Eyewitness News. Comello’s Manhattan lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, said he was “anxious” to get his client back to Staten Island to fight the charges against him. Police are also looking into if Comello acted alone in the murder of Cali.

The Staten Island Advance reported that Comello and his family will have to “be protected” for fear of retribution, although this has not been verified by police as fact.