Kim Zolciak’s Daughter Brielle Biermann Jokes About Getting Plastic Surgery With Mom & Sister

Kris ConnorGetty Images for Sherri Hill

Kim Zolciak-Biermann and her 22-year-old daughter Brielle Biermann have long been accused of getting plastic surgery to alter their appearances, and now the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Don’t Be Tardy Bravo reality star is poking fun at all the rampant rumors in a new Instagram post.

Per People, Brielle took to the social media site on March 19 to share a shot of herself, her mother, and her 17-year-old sister Ariana, as she joked that the trio all went to the plastic surgeon’s office together and got a “3 for 1 special.”

The selfie showed the trio looking strikingly similar as they showed off the matching plumped-up lips, long highlighted hair, and similar contoured makeup while showing off the same pouty pose.

The snap received some very mixed reactions from Biermann’s 1.3 million followers.

Many pointed out how similar the trio looked and accused the mother/daughter trio of actually all having gone under the knife to achieve the same look.

“Why just why!!!! Your poor daughters they are so young and beautiful without all that c**p,” one Instagram user commented on the family snap in a message for Kim.

A second added, “Like why? you were already beautiful. should [have] saved it for like if you ‘really’ did need it later,” while a third commented after seeing the new photo of the Biermann girls shared on the social media site this week, “Why would anyone choose to destroy their faces like this?”

However, while many slammed what they claimed was their plastic surgery, others were quick to praise the trio.

“Gorgeous inside and out,” one follower told Kim’s daughter. Another commented that they thought the woman looked like “triplets” before then adding, “Looking good ladies!!!!”

Kim Zolciak has been pretty forthcoming about the procedures she’s had done in the past, confirming that she’s had a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck.

Speaking to People just last month, the mom-of-six explained that she had a tummy tuck after giving birth to her twins because she had a “major hernia” that needed to be repaired and thought she may as well also have her stomach tightened.

Zolciak also admitted to having Botox and lip injections in the interview.

“I’ve done my lips, I like Botox,” the Real Housewives star said of her cosmetic procedures. “I’ve gotten Botox from 23-on for migraines, so I’ve done it most of my life.”

She then told the site that she decided she wouldn’t let Brielle and Ariana have any kind of plastic surgery until they were 18-years-old, which is the age Brielle got lip injections after feeling “insecure” about her thin, small lips.

“Brielle was very insecure about her lips, I heard about it forever and when she turned 18, she was like, I’m doing it,” Kim said of Brielle, admitting that she then took her to the plastic surgeon who did her lips for the procedure to make sure she was getting “the best” service available.

“So I did take her and I got a lot of heat for that,” Zolciak said, though Brielle has denied having any other procedures.