‘Playboy’ Model Lindsey Pelas Flaunts Eye-Popping Instagram Cleavage, Comments On Her ‘Melons’

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Busty Instagram models are a dime a dozen these days. With many men considering a sense of humor part of the “complete package,” Lindsey Pelas’ male fans are getting the max from the model’s March 19 Instagram update.

The Playboy model’s 8.5 million Instagram followers had already received an update on March 19, as The Inquistr reports. With more cleavage, eye contact (and humor), it would appear that Lindsey’s second update of the day comes well-received.

Appearing to be inside a private jet and enjoying a cup of fresh melon, Pelas looks right down the lens of the camera as she seductively toys with her viewers. A fork in her mouth completes the snack-centric theme, but eyes are likely drawn lower down.

Encouraging fans not to “worry,” Lindsey’s caption reassures viewers that the apparent melon is “organic,” something that is further confirmed by using the word as a hashtag. It is somewhat likely that Pelas’ choice of words forms the double-entendre that generally explains itself. Melon may be a fruit, but used in the plural for a buxom woman, the word can take on a different meaning.

One fan commented on liking “both melons and cantaloupe.” We won’t hold it against him by pointing out that Cantaloupe is a type of melon.

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Don’t worry, these melons are #organic ???? :)

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“Quick-witted, Goofy, Empathetic.”

When this blonde bombshell was interviewed by Naluda magazine, she needed only three words to describe herself. Under the model body, there is, indeed, a good sense of humor. As per her interview, the Louisiana-born model began her career in her “college years,” admitting that she would take “any cheesy modeling job” she could.

With an Instagram following that rivals many of her peers, this beauty has likely reached a caliber she had never dreamed of. That said, Pelas did convey that taking modeling “to the next level” was something that began as a college junior. She began weight training, took an aerial skills class, and even became an aerial yoga instructor.

As Pelas’ January Instagram post would suggest, fitness is very much a lifestyle for her. While the nature of the post appears to be promotional, there’s no denying the hard work that goes behind achieving a fit physique.

“I’ve really been switching it up lately. I take Pilates and hot yoga classes and I also go to Barry’s boot camp once a week. I also visit a personal trainer and do the traditional gym.”

When asked to name a cheat food, Pelas replied that Taco Bell would be her vice, before adding, “Haha.” A solid focus on nutrition did, however, see the model list lentils as her favorite healthy food. Given Lindsey’s latest update, we’ll assume that melons are also a staple in her diet.