LeAnn Rimes Pregnancy Rumors Persist, Singer Allegedly Spotted At OB/GYN With Husband

LeAnn Rimes has allegedly been spotted at her ob-gyn’s office with Eddie Cibrian in the past two months. Insider sources claim LeAnn Rimes is pregnant. The rumors of a new Cibrian bundle of joy remain just that — gossip. Representatives for both Cibrian and Rimes deny the singer is pregnant.

One of the supposed insiders claims that Rimes is extremely excited about having a baby but is being “coy” on the topic, Gossip Cop notes. Star watchers have been speculating about a possible pregnancy for several weeks and have cited changes in habits and appearance as proof.

LeAnn Rimes has allegedly stopped drinking, has packed on a little weight, and is eating a healthier diet. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, some consider Mrs. Cibrian’s new bangs and darker hair color as an indication of pending motherhood.

A tip from a source republished by Perez Hilton had this to say about a supposedly pregnant LeAnn Rimes:

“LeAnn has stopped bleaching her hair, and is relaxing her diet to gain weight the way a pregnant woman is supposed to. She hasn’t always taken the best care of her health, and she’s determined to do it right. She’s wanted Eddie’s baby ever since they got together.”

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian allegedly found out about the pregnancy over the Christmas holiday. The baby-on-the-way news is supposedly why the singer skipped margaritas on New Year’s Eve.

Eddie Cibrian has two sons, Mason and Jake, with Brandi Glanville. The first Mrs. Cibrian recently wrote a tell-all book and included alleged intimate details about her life with the Third Watch star.

Do you think LeAnn Rimes is pregnant?

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