Mama June & Boyfriend Geno Doak’s Mugshots Released After Crack Cocaine Possession Arrest

Maury PhillipsGetty Images

Just days after the arrest of reality television star Mama June Shannon and her boyfriend Geno Doak, their mug shots have surfaced. An altercation at a gas station in Alabama led to a call to the police, and now the couple is facing legal trouble.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, Mama June and Geno were both arrested after a domestic incident drew attention while they were at an Alabama gas station. Both Shannon and Doak were charged with counts related to drug paraphernalia and possession of a controlled substance, and it later emerged that the drug in question was crack cocaine.

Now, TMZ has released copies of their mug shots. Mama June appears to be sneering as the photo is taken, and both Shannon and Doak look like they were in pretty rough shape at the time.

According to, the incident happened on Wednesday, March 13, as authorities responded to a Macon County Sunoco gas station near Tuskegee. Mama June told deputies that she had been verbally attacked by her boyfriend of three years, and that Doak said that he was going to kill her. The complaint notes that he gave the impression he intended to carry out the threat that he made.

Not only did authorities find crack cocaine, a needle, and a pipe, Mama June apparently had about $1,300 tucked into her bra. TMZ shared an audio recording of the conversation the tow truck driver had with Shannon as she tried to get her vehicle out of impound — and it’s an exchange filled with expletives.

While Mama June and Geno were directed to stay away from one another after the arrest, they didn’t waste any time in hitting a casino together. This all transpired just ahead of the season premiere of her show From Not to Hot, and Shannon did take to Twitter to promote the series.

As she tweeted throughout the season premiere, Mama June avoided any acknowledgement of the trouble she had just had with Geno. In fact, in one tweet that night, she wrote about how sweet she thought Geno was, as he gave her a promise ring. She added that while it’s not an engagement, it does mean she can get another ring at some point — when and if he does propose.

Shannon’s followers posted plenty of tweets mentioning the trouble with Doak and the arrest, but it seems the From Not to Hot star decided to simply ignore all of that chatter. Family members are said to be concerned about Mama June Shannon’s relationship with Geno Doak, but it doesn’t look as if she’s taking this recent arrest as a sign to walk away.