Paris Jackson Calls Out Paparazzi For Accusing Her Of Falling Asleep Behind The Wheel

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Paris Jackson is fed up with paparazzi making false claims about her. The model took to Twitter on Monday to call out photographers who took pictures of her with her eyes closed behind the wheel of her car. Tabloids reported that Jackson fell asleep at the wheel while out with her boyfriend. However, as Jackson recalls, her car was actually parked as the couple stopped to get gas, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Jackson painted a picture in her tweet of what really happened at the time the photographs were taken.

“*parks at gas station waiting for my boyfriend to pump gas* *closes eyes to listen to favorite song* paps take pic and zoom in so you can’t see that i’m parked and accuse me of falling asleep at the wheel….” the daughter of Michael Jackson wrote on Monday evening.

She continued on to express frustration over her negative appearance in the media.

“When will this stop?” Jackson said. “This past week it’s been nonstop bulls*** i’m so sick of it.”

The tweet comes just days after the 20-year-old took to social media to deny reports that she attempted suicide last week. On Saturday, Jackson responded to a story by TMZ stating that she had been hospitalized after reportedly cutting her wrists.

“F*** you you f***ing liars,” Jackson wrote on Twitter. “Lies lies lies omg and more lies.”

The report stated that police and EMS arrived at Jackson’s home in Los Angeles at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday. She was allegedly transported to the hospital, where she remained in good condition until her release later that day. Sources reportedly told the news outlet that Jackson’s suicide attempt was largely a response to the child molestation allegations made against her father in the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland.

Jackson was spotted later on Saturday afternoon outside her home, wearing a jacket that said, “Puppies and I’m fine.” She was also seen walking the streets of L.A. with her boyfriend, Soundflowers bandmate Gabriel Glenn, according to E! News.

On Monday evening, the model appeared at the premiere of the Netflix documentary The Dirt, which dives into the rise of the iconic rock band Motley Crue. Jackson looked happy and healthy as she posed alongside her boyfriend for photos.

Jackson did check into a treatment facility in mid-January, and a source declared that the model was taking some time off after a busy year of work and traveling to “reboot, realign and prioritize her physical and emotional health.”