‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Disses Kailyn Lowry’s Nude Photo

John LamparskiGetty Images

Jenelle Evans wasn’t happy to see Kailyn Lowry’s recent birthday photo.

Days ago, in honor of her special day, the Teen Mom 2 cast member posted a nude image of herself on social media. A short time later, Evans was asked if she had any thoughts on the photo, and she didn’t hesitate to diss her co-star.

“Nope no thoughts. Lmfao. In fact trying to clear that image out my mind,” Evans told Hollywood Life.

On her 27th birthday, Lowry posted an image of herself lying naked on her stomach, with her chest being covered by her arms. In the caption, she told her fans and followers she was “feeling” herself. However, Evans wasn’t on board — and that comes as no surprise to fans of the series. After all, these two women have been at odds with one another on and off for the past few years.

Most recently, Evans and Lowry butted heads publicly after Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, was seen threatening to “kill” Lowry during a live Instagram appearance.

“I’m not filming until something is done,” Lowry told Hollywood Life after the comments were made. “It’s just the principle. I’m done taking the high road and trying to ignore their behavior.”

While Evans later claimed her mother didn’t mean any harm by her hateful statement, Lowry told the outlet that neither Evans nor her mom reached out to apologize. Instead, Evans offered a public statement insisting her mother was joking when she threatened to “kill” her co-star.

In her own statement to Hollywood Life, Evans attempted to explain her mother’s threats against Lowry. Jenelle claimed that the comments were made during a trip out of town with Briana DeJesus’ sister, Brittany DeJesus, who has had her own issues with Lowry in the past.

“We had some drinks at dinner and came back to the Airbnb to drink a little more,” Evans said. “We were all chatting, I have no idea how Kail got brought up, but when my mom heard her name she immediately said, ‘F**k Kail, I’ll kill her Hahahaha’ in a joking way.”

Evans went on to tell the outlet that her mother did not mean to come off in a “bad way,” and revealed she was quite upset about the way in which social media users reacted to her statements.

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