‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maura West Opens Up About Ava’s Troubles And What She Hopes Comes Next

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Actress Maura West has delivered some powerful scenes in recent episodes of General Hospital, and spoilers tease there are more on the way. It took months to play out, but West’s character of Ava finally knows the truth about Ryan, and she is intent on getting revenge for all he’s done to her. Will she get what she so desperately wants?

Per a report from She Knows Soaps, West talked with Soap Opera Digest and shared some thoughts on this explosive storyline. Maura says that when she first found out about the storyline involving Jon Lindstrom with Ryan’s return, she thought it was awesome. Lindstrom and West actually worked together years ago on As the World Turns and Maura was thrilled to be working with Genie Francis so closely as well.

Some General Hospital viewers feel as if Ava is now getting what she deserves after wanting revenge against Kiki for getting involved with Griffin, but West says that’s preposterous and nonsense. She says that while Ava did share some dark thoughts about wanting revenge on her daughter, she never actually wanted anything to happen to Kiki.

Viewers picked up on the Kevin and Ryan switch early on, but obviously, the character of Ava was swept up by Ryan’s affection. West notes that if Ava hadn’t been so desperate for love, she probably would have noticed that things were off with “Kevin.”

Maura explains that she essentially played the scenes as if Ava was almost under a spell with Ryan. The General Hospital star adds that her character was essentially a perfect victim for Ryan given her emotional desperation.

Working through all of those intense scenes with Kiki’s departure were understandably draining for West. Despite that, she’s loved every minute working with Lindstrom again as she says it’s been a situation that is trusting, comfortable, and fun.

As General Hospital viewers have seen, Ava is hoping that Ryan is still alive so she can take him out herself. West jokes about how she’s anxious for the writers to give her character that opportunity.

“If Ava Jerome doesn’t get to kill that guy, I am going to go to my grave with the regret of my career. There had better be something, and it had better be good! I wish that for her.”

General Hospital spoilers share that during Tuesday’s show, Ava will have an intense encounter with Carly. However, this one may not be quite the typical battle that viewers are used to seeing between the two women. Carly will tell Ava that she needs to pull herself together, but it may not be that simple.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Ava will go looking for some tough love and in the days ahead, it sounds as if she’ll lean on both Julian and Scott for support. Will she get her chance to take down Ryan? There are some General Hospital spoilers swirling around that Ryan may soon make an appearance again, but that’s not fully confirmed yet.

Viewers cannot wait to see what comes next for Maura West’s character of Ava. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are intense twists and turns ahead that will get everybody buzzing and speculating about what else is on the way.