March 19, 2019
Kristen Bell Shows Off Dewy Skin In Latest Makeup-Free Selfie

Kristen Bell put her best face forward for her latest selfie on Instagram. The Veronica Mars starlet went makeup-free for the snap, and her skin was glowing.

Bell had her normally dark blue eyes accentuated with crystal blue contacts, which she revealed were at the ready should she be invited to a Game of Thrones watch party and that she would be prepared to attend such an event costumed-up as the "dead dragon." She wore her honey-colored hair unkemptly and in her signature long-bob while rocking a mustard-colored sweater that brought out her porcelain skin tone.

Bell and her husband, fellow actor Dax Shepard, are frequently open and honest about everything from their marriage, how they parent, and Shepard's struggle with addiction on their social media platforms. The couple sat down with Parade Magazine and opened up about their love life, saying that what they share "isn't a special fairytale," despite what fans may think of their romance.

Though the couple regularly dodges rumors that they're swingers, or that one of them is stepping out of line in their relationship, the couple insists that they're completely normal and somewhat boring, despite what rumors may be circulating about them.

"This is two people who worked really hard and it's attainable for you if you work really hard in your marriage too," Shepard shared.

Not only does Bell share her laid-back looks and behind-the-scenes photos of her sometimes chaotic life as an actress and a mom, but she also takes the time to respond to most of her fans on Instagram, which her 9.8 million followers find refreshing.

And, like clockwork, every Friday Bell posts a picture of a teacher who has made an impact on their students' lives for "Featured Teacher Friday." The sweet acknowledgment highlights an educator who has gone above and beyond for the kids in their class, and fans adore the head-nod to seemingly normal people. They enjoy that a regular person is zeroed in on by a star as big as Bell, and it's one of her most popular features on social media.

The Good Place actress is hard at work these days, not only trying to keep up with her hectic work schedule that includes a Veronica Mars reboot, as well as the highly anticipated sequel to Disney's mega-hit Frozen, she and Shepard just launched a new line of affordable products for babies and kids called Hello Bello.

When announcing their new eco-friendly product line, Bell and Shepard took to Instagram to share a sweet video introducing their products to their large fan base. They revealed that their product would be plant-based and use organic botanicals that are not only better for babies, but better for the environment.

"We know parenting is hard enough as it is. Parents shouldn't have to choose between what's good for their baby and good for their budget," Bell shared in their video statement.