‘Five Feet Apart’ Star Haley Lu Richardson Reveals That She Proposed To Boyfriend Brett Dier: ‘I Just Asked’

Joshua BlanchardGetty Images

Haley Lu Richardson is breaking the norm when it comes to proposals.

The Five Feet Apart star has been dating Jane the Virgin actor Brett Dier for the past seven years, and the two regularly post goofy photos of each other on their Instagram accounts. As Haley makes her rounds to promote her new film in which she plays a teen who has cystic fibrosis and happens to fall in love with a boy with the same illness, she opened up about her own love life.

According to E! News, Richardson appeared on Busy Tonight, hosted by Busy Philipps, yesterday along with her Five Feet Apart co-star Cole Sprouse. During their appearance, Richardson revealed that she was actually the one who popped the question to Dier before she went into further explanation.

“I just asked. Neither of us are like crazy romantic people, so nothing was planned. He was sitting there eating a pizza and he was telling me a joke that Shia LaBeouf had said in an interview, and he was like pretending to be Shia LaBeouf explaining this joke and for some reason I just cut him off and was like, ‘Wanna marry me?'”

Sprouse then jokingly asked if Hayley was engaged to Shia LaBeouf before Richardson explained that her proposal seemed to get the pair in the mood because now they really are engaged. In another interview with Cosmopolitan, the actress also opened up about her relationship with Dier, saying that even though they’re engaged now, they are in no rush to get married and just want to take their time.


Richardson also joked that both she and Dier hate using the word “fiance” because she says that it sounds pretentious. So even though they are indeed engaged to be married, they still just lovingly refer to each other as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” During the Cosmo interview, Richardson also explained the proposal in more detail, confessing that it was just done on a whim and she hadn’t thought about it prior to popping the question.

“I was totally in the moment and this gut feeling came up and coerced me to ask him to marry me and I did,” she gushed. “And he said yes. I feel like the trick to that was just not thinking about it at all before it happened. I just kind of did it.”

Since the proposal took place at an outdoor strip mall as the pair were eating pizza, they had to rush and get some impromptu rings. Richardson’s solution? Go over to a nearby bush and put twigs on their fingers. Now, Richardson says she has a real engagement ring, but they still keep the twigs in a plastic baggy to remember the special day.

Five Feet Apart is currently playing in theaters.