Trump’s Ties To Massage Parlor Owner Under Scrutiny, Democrats Demand FBI Investigation

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The former massage parlor owner who reportedly also made a business of selling access to President Donald Trump must be investigated as a potential national security threat, Democratic Party leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) recently said.

According to a report in Politico, the two leading Democrats are adding their voices to the growing chorus on both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, demanding the FBI take up an investigation into massage parlor owner Li “Cindy” Yang. The fear is that Yang’s access to Trump and the allegations that she sold that access to clients from around the world who were looking to get next to the president may have compromised Trump and other government officials, making them vulnerable to blackmail and other exploitation.

“The facts in this situation are very concerning, and we urge [FBI] Director [Christopher] Wray to adhere to the joint bicameral requests of the Democratic Senate ranking members and Democratic House chairmen and start an investigation,” said the Democratic Party leaders in a joint statement.

The South Florida massage parlor chain founded by Yang fell under scrutiny in connection with a human trafficking and prostitution investigation, although Yang has not been charged in that probe to date. And while Yang’s attorney has told reporters that his client did not engage in selling access to Trump, her apparent ability to get next to him — she turned up in numerous selfies taken at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, including one taken at a Super Bowl viewing party — has raised concerns in Congress and law enforcement.

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In addition, her now-defunct website touting a business she called “GY US Investments” does appear to offer access for clients to the president and other top government officials. Plus, there are indications that she helped shepherd through a group of Chinese business executives into a meeting with Trump.

The Democrats are demanding that FBI Director Wray answer to what knowledge the agency has about Yang’s relationship with Trump and whether there are other Mar-a-Lago members who may be exploiting their membership at Trump’s club in ways that could be damaging to the security of the nation. The Democrats are also demanding to know whether Trump’s campaign took steps to prevent illegal foreign donations to be diverted through fake American donors in order to skirt campaign finance law.

“If true, these allegations raise serious counterintelligence concerns,” Democrats on the committees wrote in a letter to Wray, National Intelligence Director Dan Coats, and Secret Service Director Randolph Alles.

The Democrats have asked for a response to their requests by March 21.