‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Trailer Explains Why Spice Went Full White Face

Kevin C. CoxGetty Images

In October of 2018, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Spice began advertising her new music to fans, and wound up inadvertently shocking and disgusting some of her followers. Those that enjoy Spice’s music may have misunderstood the way Spice decided to promote one of her songs, or perhaps the concept wasn’t communicated effectively. However, the images Spice posted of herself for her song, “Black Hypocrisy,” generated a lot of backlash, leaving both her and her show with some explaining to do.

Spice’s controversial photo demonstrated a picture of herself with a white face and very white skin. Underneath the picture was some information on her new mixtape. Spice’s white face was meant to symbolize the meaning of her song, “Black Hypocrisy,” but instead it wound up angering many of Spice’s fans.

“Enjoy your payment for selling your soul. This is the only attention I’ll ever pay you. Enjoy thinking you’re white,” one person commented on Spice’s post, according to The Hollywood Gossip. “Despite your great grandparents.”

Several of Spice’s followers responded to her song advertisement with similar disdain. However, while the image Spice posted is shocking, the song she was advertising, “Black Hypocrisy,” is about loving a person’s own dark skin. Spice is actually trying to prevent people with dark skin from bleaching their skin lighter. Spice was once told that she’d have a bigger career if she lightened her skin, which she refused to do.

Unfortunately for Spice, it seems that many people still don’t understand her advertisement for her new song. The lack of comprehension about Spice’s meaning seems to also be affecting her own show, Love & Hip Hop. As VH1 started advertising for their new season of Love & Hip Hop, part of their trailer tries to explain Spice’s white face picture. The VH1 clip implies that Spice was feeling pressured to change her appearance so that the industry would accept her, and that’s why she went full white face, according to TMZ.


However, the trailer clip fails to demonstrate the full conversation between Spice and the artist development agent she was talking to. The agent never says anything to Spice about bleaching her skin; instead, he tells her she might need to update her image because the one she has now might not work well in America.

Spice did come out with a public statement prior to the trailer’s release addressing the questions about whether or not she had actually bleached her skin. She claimed that she had not bleached her skin. Spice also stated she posted her white face picture to try and promote colorism awareness, for those that are naturally dark-skinned.