Mariah Carey Has 'Festive' St. Patty's Day With Boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka

Mariah Carey's boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, shared an affectionate photo of the couple from St. Patrick's Day, delighting fans with a goofily romantic shot shared Monday on Instagram. The pair were definitely keeping it casual in sweats and T-shirts underneath obligatory St. Patty's garb, including sparkling green shamrocks and paper leprechaun hats. The two topped off the ensemble by draping themselves playfully in Irish flags. Carey completed the look with shamrock sweatpants, complete with green elastic cuffs.

Not to be accused of the affair being an impromptu photo shoot, the couple is surrounded by an elaborate decorative display that included a large arched balloon rainbow, under which the couple posed with Tanaka planting a kiss on Carey's left cheek. Several dozen balloons completed the display, which stood out against the city backdrop visible through the window behind.

"We keep it festive!" Tanaka captioned the Instagram post, finishing it off with a shamrock emoji and "MuchLove" hashtag.

Fans were quick to enjoy the shot, a departure from Tanaka's usually selfie-heavy photo stream, as it racked up nearly 10,000 likes and more than 150 comments shortly after posting.

Carey's twins were not visible in the post, but they were definitely close by. Carey's own Instagram post from the evening showcased the three of them in the same spot, captioned simply with alternating green hearts and shamrocks. Carey's significantly larger Instagram following led to nearly 100,000 likes on that post.

Holiday poses seem to be a growing tradition for the photogenic couple, with Valentine's Day providing the most recent opportunity before St. Patrick's Day to let the couple show of their relationship.

"Happy Valentine's Day my Love!!!" Tanaka posted on Instagram in February, topping it off with a single red heart emoji. That post included a substantially more sultry shot of a shirtless Tanaka curled up on the couch with Carey, who stuns in a tight-fitting red dress. Tanaka tickles one arm with a rose.

The pair of holiday snaps beg a simple question when it comes to the Tanaka-Carey fanbase. What gets more social media love, playful St. Patty's or sexy Valentine's Day?

With the V-Day shot leveling out after more than 27,000 likes, it's pretty clear that Instagram has voted and sexy wins by a landslide, at least among Tanaka's followers. In any case, it does seem that when it comes to Tanaka's posts, including Mariah Carey is definitely one way to get a boost with the fans, with her snaps delivering a reliable spike in likes and comments.