Former ‘RHOA’ Star Peter Thomas Opens Up After Being Released From Jail

Neilson Barnard Getty Images

On March 1, Peter Thomas, former star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband, was arrested in Miami, according to Countz Lifestyle. That Friday, Thomas flew home from Jamaica, where he was thinking about becoming involved in business. He had mentioned his interest in the country previously on his social media. When Thomas arrived back in the U.S., at the Miami International Airport, he was arrested.

At the time, Thomas had a warrant out for his arrest that originated in Louisiana. Thomas’s warrant alleges that he wrote fraudulent checks. Thomas’s embarrassing arrest isn’t the first time that he has run into problems that caused him legal drama. A few years ago, Thomas owned a restaurant, was married to Cynthia Bailey, and also appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with her. However, the marriage didn’t last, and rumors reached Bailey that Thomas had cheated on her. Bailey and Thomas wound up ending the marriage, and the two are now divorced.

Bravo presented the marriage of Thomas and Bailey during the third season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, in 2010. However, the marriage fell apart as viewers watched the couple struggle on the show. The pair separated in 2016, and they finalized their divorce in 2017, according to Countz Lifestyle. Bailey is now with a new boyfriend, Mike Hill, and the two have announced that they will be getting married.


Now, Thomas is free after spending a short time behind bars. He was released on Wednesday evening from the Miami-Dade County Jail. Since then, Thomas has been trying to share his side of the story regarding the fraudulent check incident that caused his arrest.

Thomas states that he was arrested over a $4,000 check that he wrote to a talent agency, according to Countz Lifestyle. That particular agency was to book an entertainer that would perform at his bar. However, Thomas did not realize that somebody had hacked into his checking account, grabbed his debit card number, and started charging up the card fraudulently everywhere. So, the bank wound up not clearing the check. Thomas also claims that he was unaware there was a warrant out for his arrest over the matter.

“Six days I spent in jail,” Thomas said, according to Countz Lifestyle. “[The] ‘celebrity status’ I had made them put me around no one for six days. I don’t wish that on anyone, but I had a lot of time to think, and I had a lot of time to take medication because I’m claustrophobic.”