Brianna Denski Talks About Playing June In 'Wonder Park'

When 15-year-old Brianna Denski, who landed the voice role of June in Wonder Park, first learned that she had been chosen for the role, she was so overjoyed that she couldn't stop celebrating. Recently, Denski sat down to discuss what it was like to be chosen for the role, and how she felt when she met Matthew Broderick for the first time. Wonder Park opened in theaters on March 15.

The plot of Wonder Park depicts the story of an artistic, inventive girl named June. June's powerful imagination becomes a reality when it brings to life an impressive amusement park. June's amusement park is headed up by her own stuffed animals. At first, June conceives the idea of an amusement park by drawing pictures of her ideas and building models to make the park a reality. However, once a streak of terrible incidents hits June and her family, the amusement park also becomes affected. To save her amazing amusement park, June recruits her stuffed animal friends to help her save the park, regardless of whatever happens in reality.

Denski talked about the rigorous audition process that she undertook for the role, saying that it took about five months from start to finish, according to Celeb Secrets. Initially, when she first tried out, Denski did her best to imagine herself in June's shoes, which worked well for her because she received a call back. At that point, she took things a bit more seriously, and studied scenes, as well as the character's emotions. She analyzed how she could accurately portray June emotionally until she felt she had truly become her character.

When Denski found out she had landed the role of June, she was exhilarated.

"Well, my mom got the call, and it was right when I got home from school. She told me and I was literally jumping up and down like a crazy person," Denski said, according to Hollywood Life.

Denski also enjoyed seeing the animators create their visual presentation of June. As she watched June develop into a more finalized version of an animated character, she was impressed with the work that went into the creation. Denski admits she is fascinated with behind-the-scenes film development, and she had a lot of appreciation for the time and effort it took to create June's look.

Matthew Broderick plays the voice of June's father in the film. Denski got to meet the famous actor at the film premiere.

"It was really cool because I think he was the first official celebrity that I've met, and it was amazing. So, there was that. The fact that I knew I'd be working with him, got to talk to him, get the feel for how he's actually like. It was really cool," Denski said, according to Hollywood Life.