Olivia Culpo's Sexy 'Bunny' Photo Sets Instagram Pulses Raising

Less than a week after flaunting her perky assets in a bikini, Olivia Culpo is wrapping up for the cold. On March 18, the 26-year-old model and former Miss Universe decided to go snowy in a self-celebrated "Bunny Medalist" Instagram post.

With her 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition photoshoot still on everyone's minds, Culpo is currently braving freezing temperatures. The model's March 18 update came two days after she posed in a fur-hooded ski suit with what appeared to be a snowy background.

"This outfit is everything," one fan commented. Others seemed more focused on Culpo's signature feature – her sexy pout. Considered both a pin-up icon and a style one, Olivia comes as one of the few Instagram models to boast both a male and female fanbase.

"I was at college studying communications and acting, and I just wanted to work on my stage presence. I looked at other people who were serious actors, and many of them had actually started in pageants, like Halle Berry for example. That's the only reason that I entered my first pageant when I was 18 years old; it was Miss Rhode Island."
As The List profiled this beauty, fans learned of Culpo's aspirations, plus the interesting tidbit that is her apparent esteem for the Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry.In December 2018, an Instagram update from Culpo reflected on the year with gratitude, although black hearts suggested that life isn't necessarily the picnic that it seems. Culpo ear-marked her A-Lister status in a Fendi-monogrammed bikini. The luxury Italian designer is now a solid favorite with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B.

While Culpo's 3.8 million Instagram followers feel modest in comparison to the likes of the Kardashian-Jenners, this brunette beauty has a steady fanbase. Her outing to Los Angeles' celebrity-adored 'Catch' restaurant was enough to make The Daily Mail's headlines earlier this month.

As the newspaper reports, Culpo comes with as much of a backbone as she has beauty. Speaking about Instagram haters, she said:

"Basically, for me, when a stranger says something hurtful or not nice, I'm pretty good at allowing it to bounce off. That person doesn't know who I am."

Blessed from head to toe with a model physique, Culpo's evening looks might not see her spilling out of dresses like Kim Kardashian, but for many fans, the slightly classier approach is welcomed.

Comments on a model's Instagram will invariably turn weight-related. As one fan questioned why "she so skinny," it becomes noteworthy to recall Culpo's own childhood memories, as documented by The List. Along with her family, Olivia owns a restaurant and "loves cooking and trying out new recipes." Well, she certainly looks a dish.