Accused Shooter Of Mob Boss Hints At QAnon Allegiance

The recent killing of reputed Gambino family crime boss Frank Cali was not only the first murder of a New York mob boss in more than 30 years, but the man arrested for the crime does not appear to have been a rival gangster gunning for Cali's position.

Initial reports, according to CNN, stated that Anthony Comello, the 24-year-old man accused of Cali's murder, had a relationship with a relative of the reputed mafia don, to which Cali had objected, meaning the motive for the crime might have nothing to do with organized crime at all.

Now, it appears there's another interesting aspect of the accused killer's biography: He appears to be a believer in the QAnon conspiracy theory. According to a tweet by journalist Will Sommer, who covers right-wing conspiracy culture, Comello wrote the letter "Q" on his hand during a court appearance, indicating allegiance to QAnon. Comello had also written "MAGA forever" on his hand, per a article, in such a way that it was visible in the courtroom.

QAnon is an elaborate conspiracy, held by some supporters of President Donald Trump. The theory alleges that a cabal exists of Democratic Party and Hollywood elites who operate a pedophilia ring, and that the Robert Mueller investigation is merely a front for Trump's efforts to defeat this cabal, eventually with mass arrests. Roseanne is among the celebrities who are vocal adherents of the QAnon mythology, which is associated with numerous catchphrases and Twitter hashtags.

Sommer noted on Twitter that the Italian mafia "typically does not play a big role in the QAnon mythos," which indicates that perhaps Comello's adherence to QAnon isn't connected to his alleged motivation for the crime of which he's accused.

Frank Cali, known as "Franky Boy," had been the reputed head of the Gambino family since around 2015, and was known for his close ties to the Sicilian wing of La Cosa Nostra. Cali once did a short prison stretch in connection with his part in a scheme to build a NASCAR track. He was shot 10 times outside of his home in Staten Island, and died Wednesday night.

The death of Cali represented the first murder of the boss of a New York crime family since the famous assassination of Paul Castellano, also of the Gambino family, in December of 1985 outside of Sparks Steak House; a murder reputedly masterminded by Castellano's successor, John Gotti.