Bikini-Clad Bella Thorne Washes Hair With Beer In Sexy Instagram Video

Less than a week after making headlines for her armpit hair, Bella Thorne is back in a bikini. On March 18, the actress updated her 19 million Instagram followers with a video that managed to appeal to both male and female fans.

For men who are partial to a Hollywood actress in a string bikini, the video serves its purpose. For women seeking haircare tips, Bella washing her locks with beer likewise proves handy. Addressing "everyone" who has been "harassing" her following TMZ's March 14 photos, Bella is taking a stand. Yes, she has underarm hair (and yes, she washes her hair with alcoholic beverages).

A male voice can be heard saying, "I can't believe you're doing that" as the actress kneels in a red bikini while a fellow girl washes her hair. The caption comes with advice, though.

Alerting fans that Bella's next movie will see her blonde, Thorne makes a budget-friendly suggestion. In short, beer will "save her a trip" to a beauty parlor as it "naturally lightens" hair. The male voice in the video then suggests future promotions as a result. Celebrities and hair promotions come hand-in-hand these days. Kylie Jenner and Selena Gomez are both at it.

Bella isn't one to avoid a controversial headline. Opening up about being bisexual to The New York Post, she made headlines back in 2018. One year earlier, it was for the Charlie Puth cheating scandal, as People reports.The March 18 video came two days after Bella posted another sizzling bikini shot to celebrate reaching 19 million Instagram followers. The comments reflected the actress' popularity.

"I don't know you, but I'm gonna marry you," one fan wrote.

Despite being a sex symbol, Bella is also an authority on beauty. With her 2018-launched Thorne By Bella line, fans have the choice between lipstick shades such as "F*ck Me Firetruck" and "Sexual Chocolate." The brand may not put the actress on the mogul level of Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, but everyone starts somewhere. Allure profiled the range while interviewing Bella herself.

"Makeup has always been my sh*t. I've always loved doing makeup and I do my own makeup for every project I work on, for every event that I do, for every photoshoot."
With an androgynous edge, a bisexual nature, and unconventional beauty, Thorne remains one of the industry's most prominent icons. Always a little offbeat, always offering something different. Void of Kardashian-Jenner Louis Vuitton, this girl continues to be the "one to watch." Plus, there's beer!